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27.04.2017 - 20: 48

Trump takes US to the former Soviet Union

On the eve of US President Donald Trump significantly reduced program of the US Agency for International Development (USAID), and partially cutting the zeroing funding agency in the former Soviet Union countries.

By decision of Trump, the USAID is completely gone from the four countries with the lowest funding: Azerbaijan (was $ 7,7 million per year), Belarus (it was $ 7,9 million per year), Kazakhstan (was $ 6,1 million per year) and Turkmenistan (was $ 3,9 million in year).

The largest decrease in absolute numbers occurred with the USAID programs in Ukraine - funding will be reduced from $ 570,9 million per year to $ 177,8 million per year (ie, 68,8%). The percentage for those countries where USAID will still remain, most reduced agency work program in Armenia - from $ 17,6 million per year to $ 4 million per year (77%).

The program also reduced in Georgia (with $ 47,5 million per year to $ 28 million a year - to 41,1%), Kyrgyzstan (from $ 44,8 million per year to $ 18 million a year - to 59,9%) and Tajikistan (with $ 33 million per year to $ 17,3 million a year - to 47,6%). The only CIS country, whose support from USAID has grown, has become Uzbekistan - financing the Uzbek program increased by 4,4% (to $ 9,39 million per year to $ 9,8 million per year), thus changing its structure: most of the money will be directed to support the economy .

Moldova will receive $ 16 million per year instead of $ 30,431 million a year (- 47,4%),

A total of US USAID save $ 5,219 billion a year by reducing the worldwide program to 30,8%. Now the agency's annual budget will be $ 11,74 billion. Less likely to suffer from the curtailment of the Middle East (in 7,2%, to $ 1,732 billion per year to $ 1,607 billion per year) and African (on 13%, to $ 5,19 billion). Significantly expanded support for Iraq program - to 144,9%, to $ 122,5 billion per year to $ 300 billion a year. At USAID Syria will begin to spend more than 50% - now the Syrian program is $ 150 billion a year.

Asia-Pacific region will be funded at $ 227,163 million less per year (or 41,4%) and will receive only $ 321,35 million per year. USAID is almost gone from China to support the economy zeroed program, allocated $ 1,5 million to support health in the year. South and Central Asia will get to 27,7% less - $ 1,130 billion a year instead of $ 1,563 billion a year.

In Europe, through USAID programs cut by 57,4% - to $ 854 million per year to $ 363,88 million per year. Canceled the program in Poland and Montenegro. In the Americas, funding agencies reduced by 38,9% - to $ 1,08 billion per year to $ 662 million per year. Canceled the program in Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Venezuela.

As I noted in an interview with the correspondent of "Vestnik Kavkaza" US Director of the Center for Roosevelt at MSU named after M. V. LomonosovaYuri RogulevThus Washington reduces inefficient spending in accordance with the plans for the reduction of the foreign policy activity. "As a rule, these funds were, ultimately, not on assistance to States, and to help promote American influence in them, which led to the fact that the money allocated by the USAID, largely dissipated. That is the effect, though growing, but not comparable with those costs that were spent for these purposes. The United States began to resemble to some extent the Soviet Union in recent years, when assistance was a huge number of states, which was of important social and political in nature, but the possibility of Moscow from this slightly increased ", - he pointed out.

"In this case, the President of Donald Trump, who set the task of reviving the US economy, is seeking funding to carry out their programs. To do this requires a cut of the other programs - thus decreasing the cost of foreign policy activity, which, in his view, does not bring the special dividend and the US is not vital, as applies to those regions that are very far from the American national interest. saving mode - the only thing he can do, because Trump also promised to reduce taxes, while increasing military spending and the money is not so easy to find in the US budget. Hence, such a reduction USAID programs, "- said Yuri Rogulev.

Director of the Institute of Political StudiesSergei MarkovHe agreed that it is a reflection of Trump's policy of "less than to lead other countries to solve the problems of America and more." "This will, of course, to some reduction in American influence in the world, but also to improve the situation, because the time America's influence is counterproductive. The classic version - Ukraine. It seems to me that the US government is seeking the form of finding a compromise in Ukraine and out of the conflict. Now the money is going mostly advocates of the Kiev regime, and if Ukrainian media will receive less money, they will become less supportive of terrorist activities in the practice of Kiev, in particular, the blockade of Donbass. The blockade, can, and will remain, but there is no such obvious glorification of anti-human actions of the Kiev regime, what we see now on Ukrainian television, "- the analyst expects.

According to him, major changes from USAID partial withdrawal from the former Soviet Union will not happen, but the US pressure on Russia's neighbors will decrease. "Trump offered to reduce US activity in the various countries, not because he was an outspoken opponent of USAID, but because of the Agency is counterproductive in recent years. Americans do not get to do everything well, on the contrary, entire regions fall into the chaos of the situation: Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine. Anti-Russian activity in the countries of the CIS, of course, will decrease, because it does a lot of American money. On the whole, will stabilize the situation on our borders, as the money to destabilize will be less, "- concluded Sergey Markov.

A source: Caucasus Herald

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