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Trump resumed the struggle against the American establishment

Trump resumed the struggle against the American establishment

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Since July, the US president, Donald Trump, has become like a tamer, who stole the whole world with his statements. However, according to Thierry Meysan, behind the president's harsh statements, attempts are being made to continue foreign policy, despite the almost universal opposition of the US Congress. That is, it is a question of what was formerly called a double game, and now a marketing move. As a result, the president is trying, on the basis of his supporters, to take control of the Republican Party, which will allow him to strengthen ties and start implementing his anti-imperialist policy as soon as possible.

Donald Trump decided to tackle politics after the events of 11 September, the official version of which he rejects. To run for the presidency of the US, he decides only after meeting with Steve Bannon, whom he first appoints the head of the election headquarters, and after election as president - the chief adviser. Under the pressure of Congress, Bannon was dismissed, however, the president continues to stealthily support him, hoping thus to ensure control of the Republican Party. Both are going to make the US a republic.

Trump against the American establishment

Over the past three months, the crisis in relations between Donald Trump and the US ruling elite has continued to grow. Having betrayed, without hesitation, the president who left its ranks, the Republican Party united with its opponent the Democratic Party and began to oppose the White House. Both parties contributed to the adoption by Congress of 27 and 28 July of the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act. It is nothing more, nothing less, like depriving the president of the preemptive right in foreign policy [1].

Do not take sides in this conflict, let's better analyze it from the point of view of contradictions between words and deeds and lack of logic in US foreign policy.

Barack Obama was supported by his administration. And he used public relations in order to persuade the people of the United States and the whole world to approve the decisions they make. For example, he claimed that he was going to reduce the nuclear arsenal, although in fact he increased it. Or set fire to and flooded the entire Middle East, and publicly announced a new stage of relations with the Muslim world, etc. Donald Trump, on the contrary, is trying to take away state institutions from the ruling elite and put them at the service of the whole people. That is, he intends to change the existing system like gloves, which causes confusion and confusion. He distracts his opponents with random moves, but at the same time continues to stubbornly pursue his policy, hiding his affairs from prying eyes.

Much is forgotten, nevertheless we well remember that after entering the White House, Donald Trump made statements that contradicted the pre-election speeches. He was constantly accused of quitting the politics of his predecessor, and that he was practically patronizing North Korea, Iran, Russia and Venezuela.

Many commentators accused him of the inability to use force, and that because of his weakness he turned into an isolationist, but these reproaches were dropped after 7 April, when the Shirat airbase was attacked by 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles. Later the same commentators, puffed up with spirit, again began to reproach him for his weakness, but this time they pointed to moral relativism, supposedly preventing him from assessing the danger from the enemies of the United States.

During an almost unanimous vote against him in Congress, the president seemed to be completely defeated. Without hesitation, he dismissed his special adviser Steve Bannon and, having reconciled, as it seemed, with the establishment, began alternately to attack North Korea, Venezuela, Russia and Iran.

8 August, he made an accusatory speech against Pyongyang and said that the answer to his threats would be "fire, fury and strength that the world has never seen." This was followed by a verbal skirmish on both sides that the world seemed to be avoiding a nuclear war, and the Japanese began to hide in anti-nuclear shelters and urge the people of Guam to leave this island.

11 August President Trump said that he did not rule out using a "military option" in response to the dictatorship of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Caracas responded with a full-page article in the New York Times, accusing the US president of preparing a violent change of power in Venezuela like a coup d'etat against President Salvador Allende, and calling for the help of US citizens [2].

According to political scientists, Donald Trump is finally on the right track, he takes a lot for many things, but makes many mistakes. Some even consider him insane, and others hope that he will resume the strategy of the "mad dog" used by Richard Nixon: to catch up on the enemy fear and make him believe that you are capable of anything.

However, in reality nothing has changed. Neither with North Korea, nor with Venezuela, nor with Russia, and the same with regard to Iran. But Trump, as far as possible, continues to pursue a policy aimed against the creation of his own state by jihadists. The Gulf countries ceased to support IGIL, and it had already been ousted from Mosul and Rakki. Jihadism descends to the national level. Everything happens as if the president plays a comedy and wins time.

Map of Bannon

Between 13 and 15 October, the L'Omni Shoreham hosted the Voters' Value Summit, organized by leaders of conservative adherents, whom most media consider racist and homophobic. The President of the United States also took part in the summit, speaking on it. At the request of President Trump, despite the protests of some particularly homophobic organizers, Steve Bannon took part in the summit. He stood up for the defense of Milo Janopulos, a homosexual who opposed gay democrats becoming a political tool.

Taking the floor, the former Special Envoy of the White House rushed to attack billionaires-globalists. It is known that Bannon, although most media consider him to be ultra-right, advocates raising the income tax for super-rich people to 44%.

He accused the corrupt and incompetent elite, the symbol of which was Hillary Clinton, in that, in his opinion, she was vitally interested in transferring jobs from the US to China. He accused her of trying to destroy President Trump, his family and friends. He also brought charges against Senator Bob Corker for mocking the Supreme Commander, arguing that he was unable to rule the country, and that this could lead to an 3 world war, and against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for organized this sabotage. He expressed his idea of ​​an American republic based on economic nationalism and ensuring the equality of all people irrespective of race, religion and sexual orientation. And he finished his speech with the words that the Republican Party declared war on its people, so he declares war on this party.

Supporters of Bannon immediately instead of party bosses began to include themselves in the lists of candidates from the Republican Party in local elections. This has never happened before and it is not known whether they will be able to achieve it now. But the success of Bannon's speech at this symposium allows us to hope for this.

Double White House Game

At the cabinet meeting, President Trump stated that he shared the concerns of the former adviser, since "the Congress did not do its job," although it is dominated by Republicans. Then he appeared several times with Senator McConnell on TV screens and claimed that he would reassure Bannon ... on some points.

The president continues to make extravagant statements in order to please Congress, while putting his sword in the hands of his former adviser to get rid of the leaders of the Republican Party.

Now we are dealing not with political struggle, but with culture. In it, Puritan ideas collide with republican ideas (that is, with ideas about universal Good) [3].

Looking at what is happening from the side, we can state that, despite sharp attacks, Donald Trump continues to struggle against IGIL. He cut off the financing of the Islamic state and confiscated his capital. He gave NATO the ability to fight against jihadism. At this time, it is not known whether after the defeat of IGIL, it will fight other terrorist groups and how it will react to the Pentagon's initiative to eliminate state structures in northwestern Latin America and South-East Asia. After all, to transform the collapsing Empire into a republic in one fell swoop will not succeed.

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Thierry Meissan. Translation by Eduard Feoktistov
Voltaire Network
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