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The transformation of the US into a ministry of lies: the government turned the power into a third-rate country

The Federal News Agency presents the translation of the Ever More Official Lies and "FalseReality" article Emanating from the US Government ("More official lies and" false reality "coming from the US government"), published by Global Research. The author - Paul Craig Roberts (Paul Craig Roberts).

The false reality created for Americans is strikingly similar to the fake reality created by Big Brother in George Orwell's anti-utopia novel "1984".

Just keep in mind the constant transformation of the "Islamic threat": from Al-Qaeda to the Taliban, then to the Jebhat al-Nusra, and then to the Islamic State (all of these terrorist organizations are banned by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation) , And then suddenly "Russia is to blame". Unexpectedly, 16 years of wars in the Middle East against "terrorists" and "dictators" have become the subject of confrontation with Russia, the country most exposed to the threat of terrorism and the most capable of wiping the US and its vassal empire from the face of the earth.

The Americans themselves believe that thanks to the policy of "quantitative easing" of the Federal Reserve System, that is, flooding of financial markets with new printed banknotes that led to an increase in the prices of stocks and bonds, America restored the economy after the crisis of 2009. This must be one of the longest recovery processes in history, despite the lack of growth in the real average income of the American family, despite the growth in real retail sales, despite the falling participation rate in the production process, despite the lack of added value and jobs with a high performance.

Wall Street, New York

"Restoration" is not just a mystery. It's a miracle. It exists only in counterfeit publications of weekly newspapers. According to the data of an insufficiently reliable source of the CNN channelJennifer Tescher, President and chief executive officer of the Center for Innovations in Financial Services, reports that the cost of living for half of Americans is equal to or higher than their incomes. Among persons from 18 to 25 years aggravated by student loans, 54% of respondents say that their debts are equal or exceed revenues. This means that half of the US population does not have discretionary income at all. So, what stimulates the economic recovery?

Nothing. For half or more of the US population, there is no discretionary income with which to help promote economic development. The elderly also have no discretionary income. During 10 years, there was practically no interest in the accumulation of the elderly, and if you believeJohn WilliamsFrom shadowstats.com, as I do, real interest rates were zero or even negative, since the social security service measured inflation in such a way as to prevent a change in the cost of living. In other words, America's economy is in a situation of shrinking savings and lowering the standard of living of its people.

The employment report, published last Friday, is another government lie. The report says that the unemployment rate is 4,4%, and employment in June increased by 222 thousands of jobs. What a beautiful picture. But, as I just demonstrated, there is no reason to believe this. It's just another lie of the American government, like weapons of mass destructionSaddam HusseinAnd how useBashar al-AssadChemical weapons against their own people, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, etc.

A beautiful picture of low unemployment is completely invented. The unemployment rate is 4,4%, because temporarily unemployed workers who have not sought work for the past four weeks are not considered unemployed.

The US government is lying about the unemployment rate in America

There is a second unemployment indicator, known as U6, which is rarely reported by the financial media. According to this indicator, the unemployment rate in the US is about half as much as reported. Why? U6 takes into account those unemployed workers who "do nothing" for less than one year.

John Williams took into account workers who for a long time can not find a job (who "have not been engaged in anything" for over a year) and who were considered officially (prior to "reforms"). When the number of people who have not gone out to find a job for a long time is also calculated, it turns out that the unemployment rate in the US is 22-23%. This follows from the obvious fact that the coefficient of participation in the production process falls throughout the period of the alleged "recovery". As a rule, this coefficient grows during the economic recovery. It is very easy for the government to report a low level of unemployment when it diligently avoids counting the unemployed.

It's amazing: while the US government itself reports that even if a small part of temporarily unemployed workers are considered unemployed, the unemployment rate will be 8,6%, financial media (a gathering of professional liars) still state that unemployment is at the level of 4,4%.

Holiday in honor of the Independence Day of the USA

Now let's do what I did from month to month, from year to year. Let's look at the jobs that are created, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Where are these jobs? They are wherever and always - in the sphere of low-paid consumer services. Health care and social assistance, about half - "outpatient medical care", provided 59 thousand jobs. The sphere of recreation and entertainment provided 36 thousand places, of which 29 thousand 300 places are waiters and barmen. Local government increased by 35 thousand people. Factory production, which is the basis of the US economy, provided a small number of jobs in the amount of 1000.

As I have already stressed, within a decade or two, the US population is degrading into the work force of the third world, where only low-paid work in the sphere of consumer services is available, which is not capable of providing an independent existence for a person. That's why 50% of young people aged 25 years live with their parents and that's why more and more Americans 24-34 years also stay in their parents' house, and do not live on their own.

This is not the nature of the "superpower" economy, as the neoconservative idiots maintain. The American economy, which created offshore corporations, is not able to withstand its huge debt burden. It's just a matter of time and circumstance. I doubt that the US can now be one of the first in the world economy. The Americans sat, pretending that everything should be so, while the "leaders" destroyed them.

A source: Federal Agency News

Author: Alexei Gromov

Tags: USA, Economics, Unemployment, Statistics, Analytics

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