Today: March 24 2019
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Transport crisis in Larnaca

Transport crisis in Larnaca

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The Larnaca bus company decided to close the company because of debts. In this regard, Larnaka students can not normally get to educational institutions.

The greatest disadvantage is experienced by small students of Larnaca - children from primary and secondary schools. They can not get to their place of study by their age, and parents have to spend money on a taxi or the time to take the child to class.

Most of all without buses suffer students who live not in Larnaka, but in the Larnaka region. They are the inhabitants of Tokhni, Hirokitiya, Skarina, Cofina and other villages. Without public transport, the distance to the school can only be reached by car with adults, and this creates a daily problem for parents, reports Philelewtheros.

The Larnaka bus fleet closed not so long ago due to debts. Public transport, despite all the efforts of the government, does not "take root" in Cyprus. All adult citizens prefer to use their own cars, and public transport is needed only for schoolchildren. This is a relatively small number of passengers, and therefore bus companies often can not cover all costs.

Irina Zhmaeva
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