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The three-year child arson house in Cyprus

On Monday in the village of Livadia in the Larnaca area, in a private house fire sparked a three-year child. Left unattended boy found nothing better than to play with tableted solid fuel.

Apparently, the child set it on fire and left to burn on the couch.

According to the Fire Service of Cyprus, the boy was injured as the fire was extinguished in time. But the flames had time to cause damage: burned sofa and other furniture, damaged the walls and ceiling of the room. The fire was brought under control before the arrival of the fire brigade extinguished the flame of the fire officer, who was not in the performance of their duties and at that moment happened to be near the scene. Two arrivals from Larnaca fire brigade inspected the house and made sure that the fire is extinguished completely.

A source: KP

Tags: Cyprus, Fire, Accidents, Children

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