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A third of Greeks do not pay taxes in the year 2016

Every third resident of Greece did not pay any taxes in 2016 year due to very low incomes, according to the Sunday edition of the newspaper "Vima" referring to the country's Ministry of Finance data.

The question is whether we are talking about tax evasion or indeed households in Greece have lost income because of the long-term crisis of the country.

According to the publication, the Ministry of Finance has processed millions of 8 645 596 thousand tax returns for the year 2016.

"Nine out of ten Greeks declared incomes below 20 thousand euros, and 31,8% of taxpayers did not pay any taxes at all", - the newspaper writes.

2016 billion euros announced in 74,2 year revenue compared with 73,9 2015 billion a year. However, the average income fell by 1,1%, while the average tax rose 3%.

Greek citizens have paid into 2016 year income tax 8,2 billion euros against 7,8 2015 billion euros in the year. At that time, the total amount declared in 2016 year revenues increased by 400 million euros compared with the year 2015, taxes have increased even more.

Processing returns 2016 years has also shown that 14,6% of taxpayers with VAT, or about 1,263 million people, declared zero income. It usually dependents - children, students, housewives. 32%, or about 2,767 million taxpayers declared incomes of less than 5 thousand euros, and therefore they do not pay any taxes euros. So, even if the creditors led by the IMF will continue to insist on reducing the level of non-taxable income, 21% of Greeks would not be able to pay taxes.

The number of people with incomes below 1 thousand euros per month has grown over the past five years to 64,11% with 49%.

The newspaper writes that the "classic suspected" tax evasion is a self-employed - 470 thousand of them said median income 9699 euros. Employees and pensioners can not hide a lot of revenue.

Significantly reduced farmers' income compared to the year 2015 - 435,9 thousand people in agriculture have presented the average income 2,822 thousand euros compared with 3,103 2015 thousand euros per year.

The newspaper "Kathimerini", in turn, said that in five years, with 2011 2016 of the year, stated income fell 22,8 billion euros, or, in other words, during this period have been lost around 13% of the total GDP of the country.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Economy, Taxes, Statistics

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