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Three main front of the Syrian war

"The Russian military trucks crossed Syria, moving from their bases on the west coast to the Palmyra," - says the correspondent of ABC Mikel Ayestaran. Command of the Syrian army does not want to give LIH * third chance to seize Palmyra, he explains. "At the beginning of the seventh year of the war" Palmyra Front "has become one of the most violent areas of military operations in Syria, along with the" rural zone "of Damascus, and the front of the north" - the article says.

According to the author, in the area of ​​Palmyra, "the Syrian army has" allied forces ", as they call them in the official media: in this case, Russia (on the ground and in the air)," fatimity "(Afghans are Shia, which trains and equips Iran) and the so-called "Syrian tribal force" composed of volunteers from all areas of the country. "

"We went to Palmyra First, there were about 400 terrorists LIH * who resisted to the last," - said Sheikh Suleiman Shavah, battalion commander tribal forces. Much of his men fighting in a part of the Syrian democratic forces with the Kurds. "They play a key role in the operation in Raqqa, which will be even more difficult to Mosul," - says the sheikh. The author also quotes an unnamed Syrian military: "It is one thing - the desire to attack the Syrians at Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor, and the other - the interests of our allies ... We have to wait and see what will be the next step."

The second key front runs through the provinces of Raqqa and Aleppo. "Although a common enemy - LIH * there until now dominated by infighting It." Is the international front, "because, along with the government's allies (in this case a long list - Russians, Iranian advisors, Lebanese from the group" Hezbollah ", the Afghan fatimity Palestinians from the "Brigades of Al-Quds", the members of the various factions of the Iraqi Shiites like "gangs fair"), there are deployed the armed forces of the United states and Turkey, "the article says.

The third of the main fronts - the struggle for the "rural zone" Damascus, the author writes. The forces of the Syrian government with the support of "Hezbollah" oppose "such groups of the Syrian opposition as the" Army of Islam "," Army of Fustat, "or" Front Fatah al-Sham "(branch of" Al-Qaeda "* in Syria). LIH * only present in Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp near the center of the capital ", - says the article.

According to the author, is now nearing the big battle of Raqqa.

A source: Inopressa

Author: Mikel Ayestaran | ABC

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