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Trolling Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the US unpredictable reaction

Western journalists did not appreciate satire of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which issued April Fools' Day "pilot audio answering machine" for embassies abroad. It proposes a "service hackers" and "meddling assistance in elections." The US demanded officially confirm that the record - a joke. Experts believe that in the United States have come to believe in nonsense, which themselves spread on Russian.

On Saturday, the official representative of the Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova told about the reaction of Western journalists on the Post to Facebook Russian Foreign Ministry 1 of April - April Fool's Day - the "pilot record an answering machine" for Russian embassies abroad. It features including a "service hackers" and "meddling assistance in elections."

According to her, the day the department in the Department of Information and Foreign Ministry called the US Information Agency correspondent Associated Press asking "officially confirm" that the recording answering machine - a joke. "I'm sorry we spoiled AP holiday - because they surely noticed," - commented ironically Zakharov in his Facebook.

In the published record, which clearly voiced man with a trained voice and expressive ability to read literary texts, it is said that if the caller wants to "call to order" the Russian diplomat to his political rivals, the "one click." In these words, a clear reference to the situation in the United States, where the hype has risen aboutmeetings of the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyakwith representatives of the US ruling circles.

"To use the services of Russian hackers," a polite voice offers press "two". In the United States continued its investigation on the fact that in the course of the election campaign intervened "Russian hackers," which is why the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton would concede his main rival Donald Trump, who eventually won and became president. For those who really need to intervene in the election, the vote of the press 'three' and wait for the start of the election campaign.

"Please note: in order to improve the quality of services all conversations are recorded," - said the voice, which then replicates your message in English.

However, the American journalists did not appreciate the humor of Russian diplomats. In particular, CNN International Correspondent Metyu Chans called the record "an attempt to laugh it off." Chance said that Russia "has faced very serious charges" in recent months and is now "trying to avoid this problem by using humor."

"Of course, today 1 April - April Fools' Day - and it is clear that this is an attempt to make a contribution to it. People in the United States, of course, will not laugh, "- said the journalist.

Chance, commenting on the hearings in the US Senate on the alleged "interference" of Russia in the American elections, also said on Saturday that many Russians relaxed watching "American circus", because they believe in their own country's political stability.

Political analyst Alexei Martynov noted that, strictly speaking, we are talking about official resources, which include the Russian Foreign Ministry account in Facebook, and in their "joke is not accepted even in the April Fool's Day."

"Another thing is that he obviously grotesque context and points directly to the fact that it is if you do not laugh, the humor. And if the laughter, the first over itself and those strange trends that the same Western media are now actively sway. It's such a satire, "- said Martynov VIEW newspaper.

The fact that the American journalists did not appreciate the humor, the expert explains that "they have come to believe in nonsense that spread."

"This often happens. When you from morning to night lying, you are starting to believe in what you say. Although initially all clear and it is known that this is just another lie for the sake of promotion of certain theses which you have ordered for the money. It happens, "- he concluded.

With humor to what is happening responded to other users of social networks, which have left under fasting Zakharova more than a hundred comments. According to Vadim Sidorov, "and you can stebanut for once." "Moreover, there is a good reason. But it is unlikely to be a joke appreciated. Now they will have to mature cunning plan how to take revenge "- he believes. A Max Valetsky jokingly called the Foreign Ministry "planetary trolling".

A source: LOOK

Author: Andrew Rezchikov

Tags: Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry, the US, benefits, Politics, West

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