Today: March 19 2019
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"Troika" agreed with the postponement of the privatization

"Troika" agreed with the postponement of the privatization

Tags: Privatization, Economy

"Troika" of international creditors responded positively to the request of the Cypriot government to extend the time interval for the implementation of the legal and institutional framework related to the privatization of parastatals.

As reported by the Cyprus news agency, this issue was discussed during the meeting of the Minister of Finance Kharis Georgiadis with the delegation of the Troika in the presence of the Minister under the President Konstantinos Petridis. In accordance with the revised Memorandum, the institutional and legal framework governing the privatization of parastatal organizations (CyTA, the Electric Administration of Cyprus and the Cyprus Port Authority) was to be implemented by the end of January this year. However, according to Georgiadis, the program will be implemented during February.

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