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12.03.2017 - 09: 00

Turkey and Israel have intercepted Iranian maritime "Silk Road"

Why Israel's ports are an alternative to the Suez Canal?

Do not land, so the sea ...

China, India, South Korea and Japan increased imports of oil from Iran to 70% compared to the same period of 2016 years. Thus in February Asia bought daily at 1,6 million barrels of Iranian oil, and Europe reached a record 2,2 million barrels. Over the past year, Tehran has sent to the Old World 63 large crude oil tankers, 21 of which landed on the shores of France, 15 - Italy, 14 - 13 and Greece - Spain. Competition for Iran is growing on all fronts. Things reached the point that India has overtaken China on oil imports from Iran, increased procurement volumes up to 554 th. Barrels per day, said channelPress TV. Followed by China, South Korea comes with 478 thousand barrels and four closes Japan -. 209 thousand barrels per day.. Maritime "Silk Road" reinforces the strategic importance of Hormuz and Malacca straits, not to mention the Suez Canal, the political "action" which grow on the background of the continuation of the civil war in Syria. Therefore, China is more interested in regional geopolitics, rather than an increase in oil supplies, which is a "headache" for the European Union.

Hydrocarbons can wait, especially when it comes to the security of the Gulf of Adenи Bab el MandebOnstraitа (. In the lane with the Arab - "Gate of Sorrow"),которыйexposinga European and Asian merchantsthe way of the Red Sea and Suezcue channelthereforeHeadsаForeign Minister Wang YiurgesIran and Saudi Arabia Governmentfind a common language. "We hope that Saudi Arabia and Iran will be able to resolve mutual problems through equal and friendly consultations. China is friendly with Saudi Arabia, and Iran. So we are ready to take on a mediating mission ", - said the minister.Tehran listen to Beijing,expressing"Willingness to negotiate and cooperate with regional countries." The final chord of the play becomes a visit to the King of Saudi Arabia Salman in Beijing, scheduled for March 18.

And the "Gate of Sorrow" would not prevail against it

In Riyadh there is room for maneuver. Especially as Washington takes on the issue of maritime "Silk Road" ambivalent. On the one hand the chief of the African CommandSunUS Senate says Thomas Valdhauzerth Committee on Foreign Affairs, that the proximity of military bases of China (which, according to him, will be opened in the summer of the year 2017) in Djibouti to the American campLemonnier (located near the international airport Djibouti -прим. ред.) Poses a threat to the Pentagon, limited in the dialogue with local authorities "concern" and other diplomatic terms. And on the other -General ValdhauzerRecallsparliamentarians that China will strengthen the base of the naval presence of Chinaвregion and will foster the development of trade in the framework of the "Silk Road."

Bids are growing with each passing day. Here's howcomments the situationforNew York Times Peter Dutton,Professor of Naval War College of Rhode Island, to study Chinese activity via satellite images "This strategicsstep. Maritime expansion allows China to protect trade and its interests in the Horn of Africa. Beijing draws lessons from two hundred years of the history of the British Empire. " Chinese itself into a verbal squabble with the Americans not come. Yes and no reason: mof Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Djibouti, Mahmoud Ali Yusuf cope on their own, saying in an interviewFinancial Times,that the Chinese presence in the region will be "several thousand", without disclosing details.Moreover, Yusuf says plainly that the United States have at their disposal sufficient equipment, fighter jets and drones for the study of any part of the territory of Djibouti. Why then all the "noise"?

Turkey and Israel are united against Iran

Turkey and Israel are combining their efforts to block Iran and the EU trade and economic relations. That is, the emphasis is on maritime "Silk Road": from the east coast of China ships followed in the South China Sea to the Strait of Malacca, where sent to the shores of the northern and north-eastern Africa, that through the Bab-el-Mandeb to go to the Israeli ports - Eilat and Ashdod - bypassing the Suez canal. Further route involves conjugation of trade routes from Istanbul (where already running rail tunnels on the bottom of the Bosphorus), Athens, Naples, Marseille and other Mediterranean cities, outside the euro zone. It is no accident the official representative of the Israeli Foreign Ministry Emmanuel Nachshon he argues that in Tel Aviv and Ankara are no disagreements on Syria. "Our positions do not coincide completely, but there is no disagreement on fundamental issues", - quotes the diplomatHurriyet Daily News.

The geo-economic terms, Israel relies on the transport corridor to the EU through Turkey, as evidenced by the call for (more June 2016 years) Minister of Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources Yuval Steinitz on the use of Tel Aviv Trans pipeline infrastructure (TANAP). There are several reasons:

  • Union of Tel Aviv and Ankara weakens the military and political positions of Damascus, deprives him of a chance to engage individually on Aleppo and the Syrian oil and gas section of the Eastern Mediterranean and trade communication from Iran and Iraq. In this context, it should also consider the initiative of US President Donald Trump to build on the territory of the CAP "security zones", which actually means the collapse of the Arab republic into several parts. Hence arises the demand of the American side in the UN Security Council to oust Iran and its allies Syria, which coincided with the provocative attacks in the Canadian press (Toronto Sun)for the future "guerrilla warfare" of the IRGC in the United States. A thesis of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the "Shiite terrorist threat", indicated 9 March at a meeting in the Kremlin with Russian President Vladimir Putin - a logical continuation of that.
  • Cooperation with Turkey opens the Israelis to the gas pipeline to Europe via Cyprus, thereby boosting the dialogue between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The price for the entrance of Tel Aviv - the construction of gas pipeline to the Turkish port of Mersin.It is noteworthy that on the part of Ankara acts CorporationTurcas, gde chairman is Matthew Bryza, former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan.According to the directorDelek Drilling and Avner Oil Yossi Abu, 500-kilometer pipeline from the "Leviathan," the Israeli field in Turkey will be built by the year 2020. The project cost is$. 3,7 billion project has already received the political endorsement of Washington - ExxonMobil and Qatar Petroleum won the tender for the development of the Cyprus offshore. We are talking about oil and gas field "Block 10», in the neighborhood you are working with ItalianENIand the FrenchTotal.It clarifies the IsraeliGlobes,earlier in the course of his trip to New York and head of the Israeli Ministry of Energy of Houston Steinitz met with the heads of the largest banks in the US and the EU - Barclays, Morgan Stanley, Goldman SachsиJP Morgan. The interest shown and the Royal Bank of Canada, is closely related to the financial aristocracyLondon.

  • Dialogue Tel Aviv and Ankara - a consequence of the Sino-Israeli initiative to establish a free trade area (FTA) China-Israel.In March, the 2016Tel Aviv и Pekingofficially announced the beginning of negotiationson free tradeWhich has a conцin 2017 years can lead to a complete understandingbetween the parties. "Israel takes place in Asia", - said Netanyahu during his visit to Singapore, which was held in late February of this yearIran is trying to keep up by offering to go to Singapore on a free trade regime.
  • The interest of Israel to Turkey is increasing against the background of successful negotiationsAnkara and Islamabad on a free trade zone. Given the fact that China and Pakistan does not act only FTA mode, but a full-fledged rail and road corridor that goes to the port of Gwadar (Arabian Sea), FTA, Turkey - Pakistan will strengthen cooperation in Beijing, Ankara and Tel Aviv. Although this is not going to stop the Turks. Speaking 9 March at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekchi urged the UK to sign the agreement on free trade area as soon as it is released from the composition of the European Union. Thus Ankara implements Chinese President Xi Jinping's plan to establish a free trade area between Beijing and London.

The conclusion from the above seems not very comforting. Above all, Russia and Iran, as the predominant use of the transport corridor China via Turkey devalues ​​communications capacity Syrian naval base value of the Russian army in Tartous and its air group on Hmeymime, not to mention the corridor "North - South", which for years shelled sun Azerbaijan.

A source: A REGNUM

Author: Sarkis Tsaturian

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