Today: March 22 2019
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Turkey urgently withdraws 220 tons of gold from the US

Turkey urgently withdraws 220 tons of gold from the US

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Thus, the largest banks of the Republic will arrive.

The Central Bank of Turkey withdrew its gold and foreign exchange reserves from the US Federal Reserve System, Trend reported quoting the Turkish media.

We are talking about impressive volumes - Ankara withdraws its 220 tons of gold.

Following the Central Bank, the large Turkish banks Ziraat and Wakifbank will take their assets from the United States - their total volume is 95 tons.

In the near future the reserves will be transported to Turkey.

The bank's report says that in March of this year, gold and foreign exchange reserves amounted to 25,3 billion.

The motive for this decision was the aggravated relations between Turkey and the US against the backdrop of the conflict in Syria.

Oleg Shuvalov
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