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Turkish aircraft in three days 37 times violated the airspace of Greece

Turkish Air Force planes 37 just invaded the airspace of Greece for the past three days, the newspaper writes Times, citing officials in Minooborony Greece.

The flights were involved, in particular, fighter bombers F-4 and multipurpose light fighter F-16. At least two aircraft flew yesterday at a low altitude over the small islands to the north of the island agathonisi in the south-eastern Aegean. On Monday, the reconnaissance aircraft CN-235 16 times violated the airspace of Greece, before being intercepted by the Greek Air Force.

According to military analyst Athanasios Drugosa (Athanasios Drougos), incursions of the Turkish aircraft not only occur more often, but also becoming more provocative.

"They are much more unfriendly, penetrate deeper into the airspace of Greece, fly over the region's population," - said the expert.

The relations of Turkey and Greece intensified after the failure of the Greek court in late January issue of eight Turkish soldiers involved, according to the Turkish authorities to the attempted coup.

A source: RIA News

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