Today: January 16 2019
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Turkish media: Putin put US checkmate in the Middle East

Turkish media: Putin put US checkmate in the Middle East

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Against the backdrop of the last stronghold by the Syrian army of the terrorist organization Islamic State banned in Russia, the city of Abu Kamal in the province of Deir ez Zor, the news was less noticeable that the Democratic Forces of Syria (SDG), namely the Kurdish group, so strongly supported USA in Deir ez Zor, handed over to the Syrian armed forces the richest field in the region of Al-Tabiya.

The media and analysts are beginning to wonder how the map of the Middle East will look now. And most importantly, how to build relations with Putin, who not only returned Russian influence to the region, but over the last two years made from Russia a key player in this region, without which no issues can be solved. If the Western media try to keep silent about this topic, paying more attention to the search for hackers, the Turkish people write about it openly. So, this week the popular Turkish edition of Aydinlik Gazetesi published an article about the victory of Russia in the Middle East with the talking title: "Shah and mate of Putin: how Russia framed the US" Israel 2 "project.

In the beginning, as the Turkish edition is supposed to, they paid a lot of attention to the Kurds and the attempt of some forces, both in the West and inside Turkey, to play at the invitation of the representatives of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Rzhav to the meeting of the Syrian people in Sochi. They noted that the main goal of Russia here was not to support the independence of the Kurds, but a hint to the Turks themselves - it's time to start diplomatic relations with Assad. "The fact that Ankara still resists, while the ways of dialogue with Assad are sought even by countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which supported all the terrorist groups in Syria, including (IGIL), foreshadowed major losses (for Turkey) ", The Turkish edition writes.

We must pay tribute to local journalists - the article spared no one, calling everything by their own names. Actually, after the obligatory program on Kurds, further interesting analytics went on, which allows us to see the full scale of not only the military but geopolitical and economic actions of Russia in the region and understand why in the United States any reason is "to stop" Russia.

"Let us turn to the main theme of this article. In a recent article, William F. Engdahl, an expert on the Middle East and oil politics, sheds light on the role that Baghdad, Turkey and Russia played in the collapse of Barzani (the leader of the "Independent Kurdistan of Iraq"). ). 18 October 2017, Engdahl attended a conference in Italy, which also hosted the head of Rosneft Igor Sechin, and two days before the signing of the oil agreement between Russia and Barzani, he learned important information.

Russian state-owned company Rosneft soon after the independence referendum 25 September announced its intention to take the share of the largest oil pipeline in northern Iraq. The corresponding agreement was signed 20 October. In accordance with it, Russia plans to increase the throughput capacity of the pipeline to 950 thousand barrels per day. "Rosneft" will own 60% of the pipeline, and Kar Group in Erbil - the rest. "Rosneft" invests in the pipeline three and a half billion dollars. In addition, earlier this year, Rosneft provided a loan of 1,2 billion dollars to the administration of northern Iraq, which is experiencing an economic crisis. At the same time, shortly before that, 18 September, Moscow signed with Erbil an agreement on natural gas worth one billion dollars. These investments have turned Russia into the largest investor in northern Iraq.

And 19 October Russia made an interesting move in Syria. "Democratic forces of Syria" (SDG), namely the Kurdish group, supported by the USA in Deir ez Zor and consisting mainly of representatives of PYD, went on an unexpected deal and handed the Russian Armed Forces the richest field of Al-Tabiya in the region. 23 September, SDG forces have taken this field off (TOZR) IGIL. Previously, the Al-Tabiya field was exploited by the American company CONOCO. Its production capacity was 13 million cubic meters of natural gas per day. The Lebanese agency Al Masdar wrote that Russia will return this deposit to the Syrian government. In Kirkuk, Exxon's plans, formerly headed by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, also flew into the pipe.

And Russia in the background of these events played an extremely competent chess game. Barzani's agreement with Russia prevented tribal leaders from gaining the support they expected from the United States. In addition, the Russians knew that if Rosneft keeps the oil card in the north of Iraq in its hands, the Kurds will again, as before, supply their oil through Turkey. Two years ago, Turkey, being on a hostile Russian flank, carried out oil and natural gas deliveries through IGIL and Barzani. Meanwhile, now on gas coming from Syria, Turkey will have to negotiate with Damascus, and on oil from northern Iraq - with Rosneft, that is, with Russia.

Russia, too, is engaged in a dialogue with Iraq in Baghdad, and in Syria it is already the main ally of Assad. All these events paved the way for Erdogan's meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Abadi and cleared the way for direct talks between Ankara and Assad.

Turkey has already followed this path. Qatar - in a similar situation. Sunni Arabs and the Persian Gulf countries, which a year ago were going to create an Arab NATO and take Iran and Syria in sight, are in disunity. Today, Qatar, together with Iran, has focused on natural gas supply projects to Europe and China; Turkey, Russia and China, he became an ally, and Saudi Arabia, a puppet of the United States, was an enemy.

The chess party of Putin gave results. Dreams of the United States in the Middle East broke about the fortress of Western Asia. Russia even tries to attract Saudi Arabia to its side. And the US is organizing a coup in a panic. After the last visit of King Salman to Moscow to buy weapons, we saw a palace coup in Riyadh ... After the United States, which suffer a crushing defeat in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia can also enter the period of internal chaos like America, "the Turkish news agency reported.

This information can not be better placed in the general puzzle of Russian politics in the region, which is aimed not only at keeping Assad in power, as Western publications write, or even more so, dividing Syria into spheres of influence of "big players", as Russian oppositionists say. The main goal of Putin there was simple and seemed initially unattainable: to defeat terrorists and most importantly - to stop the long-term war of all against all, offering the Kurds, Arabs, Persians and Turks instead of shooting each other a common project in which everyone will benefit. Syria will get peace and unity, Syrian Kurds - broad autonomy, as already agreed with Assad. The Turks, as before, will receive oil and gas, but already on a legal basis and will not get an independent Kurdistan at home on the border. Iraqi Kurds will be able to officially trade oil through Turkey in exchange for peace with the Iraqi government and the territorial integrity of the country. Iran will not see American and Israeli bases at its border.

Everyone is happy and everything is fine. Moreover, it can not be said that Russia there initially was against the United States. On the contrary, time after time, the Americans were offered cooperation in the settlement of the Middle East conflict, agree to it and now Tillerson's company would not leave it in small steps, and Trump would have told on Twitter how he personally defeated the TOZR IGIL. Under Obama-Clinton, there was implemented his own project, which through the war of all against all, was to provide US corporations with world energy dominance, which became known this year. And Trump, instead of an alliance against terrorists, began to bomb Assad, finally ruined his relationship with Erdogan and declared Iran a world evil. Yes, and decided to recoup the cost of war by seizing US companies Syrian oil.

Even more insane was the decision to unofficially support a referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan (though, they say, Israel tried more there). As a result, with the announcement by the Iraqi Kurds of independence and their support by the Americans, the US has set up against itself all the key players in the region. Even then, our agency noted that this referendum could put an end to the entire Middle East policy of the United States.

As a result, he even set it, even the main US ally in the region - the Saudis were due to a sharp change in the alignment of forces in the region in a state of grave domestic political crisis. Moreover, as in Turkey, organized by the United States and brutally suppressed by the local king. Moreover, if the king wins, as if with the Saudis, there was no turn towards the SCO, as happened with the Turks, after the attempt of the Gullen coup with the support of the US and the EU.

However, let us return to the story of Turkish journalists, especially since there are many more interesting things.

"In response, the CIA organized assassination attempts on Russian officials. In the last two years after the pilots-Gülenists shot down a Russian military plane in Syria, the Russian ambassador to Ankara, Andrei Karlov, was the victim of an assassination attempt by the FETÖ terrorist organization Fethullah Gülen, a member of the Foreign Ministry Petr Polschikov was found dead in his house, NATO auditor Yves Chandelon , who is supposed to have witnessed important operations, was shot in the head, and the plane carrying the Chorus of the Red Army aboard was dropped into the Black Sea, 27 December 2016 killed the second man of Rosneft, O er Erovinkin who was the right hand the head of the company, Igor Sechin, was found dead in his car. Erovinkin, a former general of Russian intelligence, was known as the "guardian of the secrets of the Kremlin." And in Syria 24 September 2017 year in Deir ez Zor "militants IGIL" was killed by Russian general Valery Asapov.

However, all these attempts and their consequences did not change the outcome. Trump, succumbing to a team of neocons, headed by his closest associates, himself prepared his end. American imperialism, which did not bring anything to our region, except wars and blood, thanks to the cooperation of regional states, was expelled from Western Asia. The world is tired of wars and destruction, it's time to create a new world, "sums up the Turks.

And here it is interesting, not even the version about the involvement of the CIA in the murder of Russian politicians and military, but how much the rhetoric of the Turkish media was replaced - the Russian plane was shot down not by the order of Erdogan. No, that you are all the sneaky Gullen from the USA naukkal pilot. And it's not only in the popular Turkish media that rhetoric has changed so much, 2 November chairman of the Turkish Rodina Party Dogu Perincek said in an interview with RIA Novosti that Turkey's place is not in NATO, but in the SCO and the Eurasian Union. "In the near future, relations between Russia and Turkey will develop more and more positively. Turkey entered a phase of stable and stable constructive relations not only with Russia, but also with Iran and Iraq, soon it will happen with Syria, and there will be no longer any such unity, because it is strategic. Russia is a strategic partner for Turkey, including in terms of energy security. Economic relations between the two countries have recovered on a mutually beneficial platform, despite strong pressure from the United States. So, there is a solid economic foundation between our countries, and it is strategic, not tactical and temporary.

In the future, Turkey's place is not in NATO, this alliance is a threat to it. And Turkey began to knock on the door of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Strategically, Turkey's place is in Eurasia. We see that Russia, the states of the Middle East, India, China, the countries of the former USSR are united on the Eurasian platform. And NATO's attempts to prevent this process, using the situation with the Crimea, will end with nothing. But for this we all need to act constructively, this also concerns Russia itself, "the Turkish politician said.

Of course, this process is not two days long, especially since Turkey itself has enough internal conflicts and pan-Turkists who oppose rapprochement with Russia and its own fifth column, but in one the Turkish journalists are completely right: "The world is tired of wars and destruction, it's time to create a new world. "

If the Turks, as one of the key players and the largest countries of the Middle East, take the side of creating a new world, this will not only multiply its construction, but will also save tens and hundreds of thousands of thousands, if not millions, of people who will fall asleep without fear, that "democracy" with its bombings will break into their house.

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