Today: December 16 2018
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A tourist in Greece was beaten for shopping trips on Sunday

A tourist in Greece was beaten for shopping trips on Sunday

Tags: Greece, Incidents, Shops, Tourism

A tourist from Australia was beaten in Athens in front of his family for shopping on Sunday. About this newspaper Kathimerini.

The incident occurred June 16 in the center of the Greek capital. According to the man, whose identity is not specified, he left one of the stores, when he was attacked by four men. "I did not tell them anything, I did not even know them. They told me: "Do not go shopping," the traveler recalls.

The victim walked around Athens in the company of his wife, daughter and mother-in-law. According to his wife, her husband was beaten to death. The girl fainted from what she saw.

The traveler named the attackers animals. "We are just tourists, tomorrow we will return to Australia. We spend money, supporting their economy, and they (local residents - comment "") beat us. I absolutely never will return here, "the woman emphasized.

In early July, Greek Minister of Economy Dimitris Papadimitriou signed a law that allows shops in the country to open on Sunday. The decision on whether to work on a day off or not is taken by the owner of the outlet.

This law applies to stores in the center of the Greek capital, as well as in popular areas of tourists in other cities of the republic. This decision caused a wave of protests. It is part of a package of anti-crisis measures that the Greek authorities must introduce in exchange for financial assistance from the European Union.

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