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Turks in Belgium showed the highest percentage in the EU in a referendum Erdogan Support

For constitutional changes that expand the powers of the head of state, expressed 77,1% of the Turkish diaspora in Belgium, it follows from the results of the vote count 44,5 thousand. Voters, according to Premiere radio.

However, in Austria for constitutional changes voted 73,2% voters in the Netherlands - 70,3%, in France - 65,2%, Germany - 63%, Denmark - 60,6%.

The largest percentage of express to the changes observed in Spain and the UK - 86,7% and 79,1%, respectively, according to RIA "Novosti".

At the same time, the candidate for the presidency of France, former economy minister Emmanuel Macron has expressed concern that the referendum in Turkey will lead to the absolute power of the President Tayyip Erdogan.

"It is impossible to Turkish referendum led to absolute power. When I am elected president, I will stretch out a hand to all democrats "- Macron said.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, handled all the ballots in a referendum on the transition from a parliamentary to a presidential system. Constitutional amendments supported 51,18% of citizens.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, declaring "victory" in the referendum, said that in the near future is going to discuss the return of the practice of the death penalty.

A source: LOOK

Author: Alina Nazarova

Tags: Belgium, Turkey, Referendum, Constitution, Politics, Europe, Statistics

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