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Arrivals from Russia to Greece rose by 2016 30% for the year

Tourist flow from Russia to Greece for the year increased by 2016 30% compared with the previous year and almost reached the target of 900 thousand people, a spokesman of the Greek National Tourism Organization George Mavromatis.

"The overall growth of the tourist flow from Russia to Greece amounted to about 2016% compared with the previous year and approached the figure of 30 thousand people in 900 year. This is a very good result, especially considering the complexity of an economic nature that have plagued Russia in the past few years" - he said, speaking at a tourism conference Coral Travel "Spring - summer 2017".

According Mavrommatis, about 20% of Russians visiting Greece, went there for the first time.

"And today, according to tour operators and the Consulate General of Greece, the number of early bookings already exceed last year's figures several times I hope that this trend will continue for the first time in many years, this year's advertising budget has been increased considerably..", - The representative of Greece said.

A source: RIA News

Tags: Greece, Russia, Tourism, Statistics, Economics

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