Today: 24 September 2018
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Tour to Cyprus continues to grow

Tour to Cyprus continues to grow

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In September 2017 Cyprus continued its succession of records in the tourism sector: the island was visited by 483 716 tourists, which is 15% more than last year - a record number for this month. The increase was primarily due to an increase in tourist traffic from relatively new markets, such as Israel or Poland.

According to the Statistical Service of Cyprus CyStat, from January to September the number of tourists also increased by 15%, up to 3 001 603 people. This is also a record for Cyprus.

According to the Passenger Survey of CyStat, 89% of those who visited Cyprus last month came here to rest, 7,7% - to visit friends or relatives. The rest - on business.

The number of tourists from the largest Cypriot market - the UK - in September increased by 11% in annual terms, to 165 728 people. Of the second most important direction - Russia - 121 516 people arrived, which is 6,2% more than a year ago.

At 78% the tourist flow from Israel increased, 15% - from Sweden, 66% - from Germany, 80% - from Poland.

On the contrary, compared with September last year, the number of vacationers from Ukraine (-22%), France (-18%) and Belgium (-30%) decreased.

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