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21.12.2016 - 17: 27

After the murder, and tragedy in Berlin that actually frightens Europe?

Sputnik columnist Alexander Shpakovsky the relationship terrorist attack in Berlin and the murder Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in Ankara.

History has yet to give an answer to the question of whether the links of the same chain of murder Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov and brutal terrorist attack in Berlin that killed 12 people. But in fact, not so important, criminals acting in the framework of the general plan, or it was an attack of different groups, and even at all performances lone extremists.

Berlin tragedy and the death of a Russian diplomat, took place virtually at the same time, clearly indicate any Europeans in the presence of a common enemy. This enemy - Islamic fundamentalism in all its forms. The reasons for the radicalization of Islam Much has been said and, of course, itself the Muslim religion has nothing to do with extremism. It probably can be maintained that the current world order with absolutely unjust distribution of wealth and the wealth on the planet, the dominance of the rich over the poor, the imposition of so-called universal values, contrary to tradition, produces and promotes terrorism as the most radical form of protest.

However, understanding the nature of Islamic terrorism can not in any case to drive themselves into a corner tolerance and justify this phenomenon. The destruction of the terrorists and dismantle the obsolete neoliberal world order, which has been flourishing over the years after the Soviet collapse, have to go on a parallel course. It seems that it is now engaged in Russia.

Russian military operation in Syria clearly indicates that Russia is prepared to vigorously defend its interests and allies to protect, and if necessary, even military force. A year ago, after an impressive volley of missiles "Caliber", issued with the Caspian Flotilla ships for militants "Islamic state", it became clear that the world is no longer unipolar. Fatigue Americans from "useful idiots", enthusiasts of promoting democracy, manages to see the bearded Islamists "children from Aleppo" and "freedom fighters", he was one of the reasons that led to the victory of the eccentric Donald Trump in the elections in the United States.

Meanwhile, billionaire just said publicly what many people in the West, crushed by "expert opinions" and propaganda, thought, but were afraid to say, the enemy of Euro-Atlantic civilization and the free world is not Russia, and Islamic terrorism!

This, of course, does not mean that the Anglo-Americans to give up their messianism, which is an integral part of their mentality, but leaves the hope that the West, led by the United States at least on a number of positions will be transferred from the pressure, expansion, deception and endless moralizing to cooperation.

Against the backdrop of the Berlin of the tragedy and the fact that this year alone terrorists killed 190 EU citizens, ridiculous stupidity and anachronism of the last century, looks all this nonsense about the Russian military threat, because it is the Russian soldiers and officers were killed in battles with the Islamists in Syria. Naturally, Russia stands in the Middle East, first and foremost, the interests of its own security. But obviously, the IG fighting terrorists Dzhabhat al-Nusra and other groups, the Russian army covers, including the old Europe. It is not Russia's actions provoked a flood of refugees from the Arab countries in the EU, but on the "promotion of democracy" and the "overthrow of dictatorial regimes" in the Arab countries of the arc was the cause of this phenomenon. Is more recently Syria, Libya, Iraq has been the source of endless slots terrorism migrant flows in the well-fed and prosperous Europe? There were not. Is Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ordered to kill the Europeans? No, do his opponents. So, it turns out that Assad and Russia on the side of goodness and truth, and their critics whitewash evil? It is such a simple thought comes to mind more and more EU citizens and the western elite who frantically clinging to the remnants of the old unipolar world, where freedom was only one word, itself cornered.

It is believed that the tendency to protest vote against the establishment in the future will only increase, and the more the West will apply sanctions against Russia, the higher the popularity of Russia and Putin in the eyes of ordinary people in Europe.

Cabinet European bureaucrats and liberal dogmatists, who grew up on the ruins of the Cold War, already in tatters spread criticism from left and right. Eastern Europe is less subordinate center in Brussels and in Germany, France, Austria policy necessarily include in their program item on the attitude to Russia.

Results of voting in different countries show that the "red man", "Russian Ivan", "Asian" does not frighten anyone else: time is on our side!

We need to stand day yes night to hold out, a new world will certainly be fairer than the current one. In this case, the innocent victims of the victims of terrorist attacks, in addition to the dead soldiers of the Russian and Syrian army, certainly enlisted in the ranks of those who died for the freedom of humanity and peaceful development of the world without a war of civilizations and the global police.

A source: Belarus Sputnik

Author: Alexander Shpakovsky

Tags: Incidents, Turkey, Ambassador, Murder, Russia, Germany, Terrorism Victims, Opinions