Today: December 14 2018
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Scientists of Cyprus will help to preserve the exhibits of the Hermitage

Scientists of Cyprus will help to preserve the exhibits of the Hermitage

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Scientists from the University of Technology of Cyprus have developed a device that will help monitor the level of pollution in the Hermitage and protect exhibits from moisture and mold.

Cypriot scientists have developed a unique device - it helps to monitor the situation with pollution and dust in museum premises. As soon as the level of dust, moisture or mold exceeds the permissible norm, the device notifies about it. The mechanism has already been tested at museum premises in Limassol, and, soon, may appear in the St. Petersburg "Hermitage", the newspaper "St. Petersburg Vedomosti" reports.

The cost of such a device is about 150 euro. One of its main elements is a special tube-indicator. Through it is collected air in the room. If the air is dirty, the tube clogs and changes color. Also, the device is equipped with a camera that transmits data to a computer or mobile phone. This will allow to react as quickly as possible to dangerous situations and eliminate them.

Then the tube in the device needs to be replaced and it is ready to perform its functions again. The cost of such a tube is 5 euro.

Also in the Cyprus museums there are special protection systems equipped with ultraviolet for quick air purification. Fortunately, on the island for such an emergency aid has not yet been used. However, this experience can be useful for the Hermitage.

Natalia Kudlay
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