Today: January 21 2019
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Ukraine begins to change its attitude to the Crimea

Ukraine begins to change its attitude to the Crimea

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Speaking about the Crimea, Ukrainian statesmen usually take an uncompromising stance. But the ice has finally got under way: a number of parliamentary deputies recognized the right policy failure in the Crimean direction and offered an alternative. And although during the discussions surfaced fantasy, according to which the Soviet government laid the Crimea Americans, this can be considered the first step towards recognition of the Ukrainian reality.

The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the Radical Party Andrey Artemenko has repeatedly expressed his revolutionary thoughts about the possible future of the Crimea - for which he paid a criminal case. The loudest of his proposal was to ensure that Ukraine should hold a referendum on the transfer of the peninsula for rent Russia on 30-50 years, and after this period to organize a new plebiscite on the ownership of the Crimea.

Russian officials expected response to this statement, that the question of ownership of the Crimea is closed and the Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office instituted against the deputy case under article "treason." At the same party members voted for the exclusion from the faction Artemenko and advised him to surrender the parliamentary mandate, but it is, of course, he refused. Moreover, as it should be all "misunderstood" policy, just in case, she gave a sharply critical statement against the current government:

"We see a complete stagnation of the Ukrainian economy and the war of all against all in Ukraine. We valimsya into chaos, the Makhnovshchina. Just a couple of weeks, and it will be impossible to assemble Ukraine. The third Maidan - a parade of regional sovereignty. Here Russian endeavor in earnest - there will be support for the separatist sentiments of the Southeast. I do not want to let that happen. "

Artemenko also described the current president of Petro Poroshenko as "Yanukovych 2.0", which, however, "speaks English." According to the deputy, the acting head of the state still does not understand why he became president. At the same time the country is living in the "post-Soviet system of management," and Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman better be caught in the Cabinet 1972 years.

"We change the existing government possible in two cases: either Square or the US position. The only man who is afraid of Poroshenko - a Trump. He even Putin's so not afraid, afraid of how Trump ", - said the deputy.

He later tried to clarify his position on the Crimea, adding that his proposal to lease the peninsula allow resumption of Ukraine's sovereignty there, and not to lose it completely. "The basis for the peaceful settlement of the idea can become an expert, such as a double sovereignty or international administration for the transitional period", - said the deputy in the next interview.

At the same time he tried to disown all the initiatives on the transfer of Crimea Russia, saying that it was the US president's lawyer Michael Cohen idea. Cohen, of course, denied everything.

Thus, all the "qualifying" statements had no effect and the risk of loss of parliamentary immunity is still hovering over his head Artemenko. In this regard, he decided whether to convey America initiative completely, or pretend to be holy fool. Namely, in another interview with the resource MP made a real "historical discovery":

"In 1920, Russia received a loan of $ 50 million dollars from the United States Government. They laid the Crimea as an area that needs to be transferred to the United States if it is not returned. In 1954 year came the maturity amount. And there was a project called "New California", if someone does not know - is the territory of Crimea. I'm sure that's why Crimea was transferred to Ukraine in order to preserve this area for the Soviet Union ", - said Artemenko.

Truth in this "discovery" little more than the well-known legend about how the ancient Ukrainians before founding the majority of the world's civilizations, dug the Black Sea.

Some reason for this fantasy on a historical subject is that in 1952 the leaders of the "Jewish Antifascist Committee" were convicted by the Soviet court for allegedly intending to create a "bourgeois republic" in the Crimea with the assistance of the United States. The absurdity of this accusation (by which, by the way, 24 was shot by a man) was so obvious that the whole group was rehabilitated already in 1955 year. Moreover, Lavrenty Beria offered to justify the convicted in this case in the summer of 1953. In any case, of course, there were no debts, in case of non-return of which the USSR was supposed to transfer some of its territories to somebody.

On the one hand, Artemenko can only regret - in order not to end up in prison, he has to invent zaviralnye theory. However, to his credit, including the fact that Ukraine has finally started to discuss Crimea not in terms of "return without any preconditions," that is painful stubbornness, but from the point of view of the current agenda. A full zakoperschikom made Nadezhda Savchenko, Artemenko just developed the topic to the extent of his talent. But gradually they began to catch up with new faces.

For example, a former journalist and now a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Mustafa Nye (made famous by the way, that made the instigator of so sadly ended on euromaidan, first calling the people of Kiev to go to the area), proposed to restore trade relations with the Crimea.

"There are products that we need to deliver - it's essential goods such as water and electricity, under international humanitarian law we have to deliver," - said Nye, was elected to Parliament from the Bloc Petro Poroshenko. According to the MP, the bill was being prepared.

Ukrainian commentators have not yet appreciated the idea on its merits. "And maybe they even wash the floors?" - Outraged one of the readers of the site "Crimea. Realities ", sponsored by the US State Department. This, however, is understandable, because the supporters of "the territorial integrity of Ukraine" only needed area. The residents of Donbass and the Crimea, according to them, should at least confess in front of them for decades. As a maximum - to be interned in either Russia or the Western Ukraine "for the re-education".

Yet progress is evident. While Ukrainian radicals against the interests of the economic and energy security of their country occupied by the blockade of Donbass, in Kiev finally begin a discussion on the future of the Crimea, more close to reality. More recently, a similar in Kiev's halls of power were even afraid to stutter.

The problem, however, is that Russia, too, with these innovators are not going to bargain. Moscow's position is clear: the outcome of the referendum can not be reconsidered, Crimea - a Russian. Removing trade "blockade" - is another matter. However, our position is stable and there: no trade blockades in general should not be, and their organizers are only trying to escalate the situation and bring the neighbors, residents of the Crimea more inconveniences.

Ukraine will sooner or later have to accept the loss of the Crimea as Germany reconciled with the loss of Alsace-Lorraine and Eastern Prussia. Fantastic Artemenko theory - is only the first, tentative steps in this direction. A proposal Nayem the restoration of trade with the Crimea - a logical development of the situation.

We emphasize once again that Crimea has already chosen their future, and Ukraine is high time to stop clinging to the past. But the Ukrainian side, the very attempt to find at least some constructive direction is welcome. Previously, Ukrainian politicians prefer to escape from reality, but now it became even look.

Anton Krylov
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