Today: January 17 2019
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Ukraine is doomed to become Little Russia again

Ukraine is doomed to become Little Russia again

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In the Ukrainian crisis, a new stage begins: supporters of the unity of the Russian world proclaim the course for the creation of the state Little Russia. How to understand the corresponding statement made by the head of the NDP, as well as the official reaction from Russia, which followed him?

After the head of the People's Democratic Republic of Belarus, Alexander Zakharchenko, at a press conference in Donetsk, announced the creation of Little Russia, there immediately began the buzz of "political scientists". What is this cunning game, with the Kremlin or without the Kremlin, a propaganda move or a change in strategy?

They guessed, called, cursed - but then, after the statements of a person close to those responsible in the Kremlin for the negotiation process in Ukraine, calmed down. No, the Kremlin did not have anything to do with it, and the idea itself is simply a notion of "bloggers and writers". Then "nightingales" began to wonder whether bloggers will get a hat for their creativity.

Well, when closer to the evening, the Russian president's press secretary said that "Zakharchenko's statement on the topic of Little Russia is his personal initiative," while "the Russian side remains committed to the Minsk accords", the joy of the commentators has acquired indecent forms.

And they rejoice both opponents of Putin and the unity of Russia and Ukraine, and supporters of the accession of the Donbass. The latter see in any Kremlin initiative a desire to surrender the Donbass and therefore already managed to shout the perennial "Putin merged". Now most of the "analysts" have calmed down on the fact that Zakharchenko simply arranged a PR-campaign, well, or at least in this way decided to cheer up Kiev a little. Nothing serious - we divide ourselves, we have concluded "smart heads".

Meanwhile, we are dealing with an important, milestone moment in the history of the struggle for Ukraine.

All the controversies in Russia on the Ukrainian theme have been going around for three years now about what strategy should be chosen with regard to Ukraine - and whether we behaved correctly in 2014. If we do not take the marginal liberal opposition that criticizes the Kremlin for everything, starting with the Crimea, then the main claim to the policy of power among some who call themselves "Russian nationalists" is that Russia has not annexed the Donbass and Novorossiia.

That is, Putin did not fulfill what they expected of him at 2014 - he said the word "Novorossiya", but did not force to disrupt Ukraine, to cut off from her the eastern regions inhabited mainly by Russians. For this Putin as soon as he was not called - and a traitor of the interests of the Russian people, and a Ukrainian. But since the overwhelming majority of the Russian population understands the role that Putin played in the history of the Crimea and the Donbas, attempts to expose the president as an unpatriate were not successful. Even the millions of residents of the People's Democratic Republic and the People's Republic of France, who found themselves in the most difficult, suspended situation, understand the motives of the Kremlin. Putin is not afraid to join the Donbass, Putin, like any Russian ruler, thinks about Ukraine as a whole.

And this is not the imperialist's whim - this is the concern of the leader of the Russian world about how this world will live on. Yes, Putin is called the president of the Russian Federation. But as Russia itself is only a temporary form of the existence of eternal Russia, so Putin is the guarantor of the interests and rights of all Russian people, of the entire Russian world. The solution of so-called. Ukrainian issue has a huge, fateful significance. We will decide wrongly - and the correction of our mistakes, omissions, weaknesses will take centuries, and then everything will be irretrievably destroyed.

It is about the future of the Russian world, Russian civilization. About whether it will be united - because without Ukraine, Russia will not be an empire (as Pole Brzezinski sang), it will not be Russia. That is why Putin's position on the unity of the Russian people is so important: the president constantly emphasizes that Russians and Ukrainians are not just fraternal peoples, they are practically one people. So it is, Putin does not invent anything - but you need to have the political and human courage to stubbornly bend this line.

It is much simpler - and a large part of Russia's political elite would agree to this - to say that yes, we stand for the Russian world, but do everything in a way to let Ukraine go west. Pick up the DNR and the LNR - Kiev with joy (although not voiced) would have abandoned the already lost territories. The West would grumble for a look, but would be pleased with the end of the crisis, even the non-aligned status of Ukraine would guarantee.

But we would lose the cradle of Russian civilization, give tens of millions of our compatriots (let most of them and be fooled now by our common enemies) to de-Russification, to rebirth. Ukraine would then break apart, would wallow in civil strife or not - it would no longer be ours, someone else's business. So what should Putin do? Of course not.

That is why Russia is fighting for the whole of Ukraine - waiting, saying all the words about the "Minsk process" and non-intervention that are appropriate for the moment. This position of Russia, which is not publicly publicized, is well understood in the West as they initially understood that they were trying to seize foreign, Russian, tear off a piece of the Russian world - and in the so-called Kiev authorities.

Ukraine's leading "elite" is generally a terrible sight: a combination of traitors and adventurers, stupid and narrow-minded people with burned cynics and Russophobes. This is all the consequences of the collapse of the country in 1991. But if in Russia it is difficult, but people have the upper hand, then in Ukraine the feast of rascals and thieves continues. For this "elite", the flight from Russia is also becoming a way to avoid retaliation on the part of its own people - after all, after the rapprochement between the two countries has begun, they will have to answer for everything.

The existing Ukraine has no future. The transitional, post-Soviet country died in February 2014, and the current education will be reformatted and returned to the Russian world. The question is only in time and the efforts expended on this. It's been three years already - and to us in Russia, of course, it was dreamed that sobering and self-treatment of the Ukrainian society will go faster.

But now it would seem slowed down the process of disintegration and the struggle for power in the ungodly will gain momentum. The Kiev regime ends with distractions. The country has received visa-free travel, but there is no prospect of European integration, the new American administration is not ready even to propagandize Kiev in the propaganda plan and say that everything is going in the right direction. The economy is degrading, and social discontent inevitably accumulates - the next round of the struggle for power is programmed. And not only those who consider themselves "masters of Ukraine" but also those who are fighting for its future are preparing for it.

The slogan of creating Little Russia, about replacing it with Ukraine as such, is a form of struggle for Ukraine at 2017-2020. Now in Ukraine there are two states - one that is not recognized by anyone, but with the capital in Donetsk and the desire to be with Russia, and the second, universally recognized, but with the desire to be without Russia.

Russia is fighting for Ukraine not with the West - there really can not stop our reunification, we will not fight the Ukraine or Russia with the EU, nor the US will ever be. Russia is fighting for Ukraine with Kiev, with the "elite" that seized power in the country - a struggle for the souls and minds of the population of Ukraine. And in this struggle, the words about the creation of Little Russia have become a very correct, strong move - they reminded all residents that they are in fact Russian, that is, Little Russians. And that, when they expel the "elite" of Kiev, the country will again become united, that the Donbas does not go anywhere, let Poroshenko and does not hope for it.

Nobody knows how long it will take to turn Ukraine into Little Russia - three, five, ten years. But it will inevitably again become Little Russia, and then part of a single, great Russia.

Peter Akopov
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