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31.01.2017 - 23: 24

Ukraine has become a "violent patients," World Politics

In Donbass renewed large-scale fighting. Kiev authorities make the most of this occasion to return Ukraine to the high position of the international political agenda. However, it turns out they have bad. The reaction of the world shows that Ukraine is increasingly seen as a problem, that it's time to ignore.

Causes and underwater currents that underlie the current exacerbation of hostilities in the Donbass, still awaiting judgment. In the heat of current events easily slip into this or that conspiracy. Especially in this case, the lack of facts, which are easy to fit into a very ingenious theory. For example, the entrance and uninviting media visit of Ukrainian President in Germany turned into a bright performance, when he was interrupted because of the situation in Avdeevka. As a result, Ukraine, pretty half-forgotten and overexposed Western media, once again hit the front pages.

UN urged to immediately stop fighting in the Donbas

UN calls on both parties to the conflict in eastern Ukraine to stop immediately all military activities, to respect the ceasefire and to continue the peace process, said the official representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dyuzharrik.

He noted that the clashes in the Donbass were "a direct violation of the Minsk agreements", reports TASS.

Dyuzharrik urged the parties to the conflict to cease hostilities, to provide unimpeded humanitarian access to the population, as well as ensure the safety of employees access the Special OSCE monitoring mission on the line of contact, so that they can report on the situation on the ground. In addition, the parties to the conflict are called to renew efforts for a peaceful settlement.

However, no less interesting and far more revealing are the official positions of the main parties involved in the conflict and its resolution, in connection with the aggravation. We are talking about Ukraine itself, the West (first of all - of the major Western powers and key international institutions) and Russia. These positions make it possible to draw conclusions about the place that occupies the Ukrainian issue on the international agenda at the moment. Press here for Kiev is very disappointing.

Ukrainian government on its part to maximize use the renewed fighting again to attract the attention and sympathy of the international community.

Interrupted Poroshenko's visit to Germany was a notable media event of the day. Foreign Ministry issued a statement in which he accused in the shootings, "Russian forces" are in the Donbass. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that he could, together with the Foreign Minister of Denmark Anders Samuelsenom visit Shirokino Donetsk region because of continuing attacks. Ukrainian permanent representative to the UN, Vladimir Elchenko sent a letter to Secretary General Organization António Guterres, which blamed the deterioration of the situation in the Donbass Moscow. In addition, Ukraine has demanded from the Council of Europe to respond to the situation in Avdeevka. And the president instructed to put the question on the situation in the UN.

It is interesting that Kiev will sink in vain efforts openly.

The reaction of the West to what is happening looks sluggish and formal. Where two years ago, there were harsh words with direct attacks against Russia, is now dominated by a common language, which is dominated by expressions of deep concern and calls for a ceasefire. These were noted and the Council of Europe and European ambassadors, and the Chancellor of Germany, and the European Union, and the Red Cross and the OSCE.

Thus, large-scale alarmism Kiev and its requirements to open Europe with Russian accusations by the West to be sluggish, polite response in the style of "yes, we are very concerned about."

However, the most interesting in this situation looks like Russia's position, expressed press secretary of the Russian president. It is curious that there is actually there are three key points.

Firstly, the responsibility for the worsening fully vested in Kiev, and not just on the security forces. It has been clearly stated his intention to Ukrainian authorities, including the president himself Poroshenko, Minsk derail the agreement.

Second, in spite of everything, the Kremlin said firmly no alternative to the Minsk agreements.

And third, and most interesting, Dmitry Peskov noted that the breakdown of the truce on the part of Ukraine have made some "independence forces".

In fact, it looks like this. Occupying a very tough stance against what is happening exacerbation and completely accusing the Ukrainian side, the Kremlin simultaneously leaves a loophole for the top management of Ukraine: it can get out of the situation, saving face and accusing him of what had happened to him some uncontrollable force.

It seems that no doubt in Moscow, and that this worsening once again came to naught, and the situation will return to the status quo of the last two years. At the same time Kiev authorities do not derive any benefits from happening, but with them and continue to deal with. So, you just have to wait another "attack riot" from the neighbor is not quite adequate, in parallel ensuring the minimization of "damage" to his hand.

Given that the head of the Kiev-controlled Donetsk region told about the first signs of reducing tension in Avdeevka area, it is hoped that this will happen soon enough.

A source: LOOK

Author: Irina Alksnis

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