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Ukraine will come with the inspection for "aggressor"

Ukraine will come with the inspection for "aggressor"

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Ukrainian inspectors will visit with a planned inspection of the military in southern Russia. None of these previous inspections did not establish evidence advocated Kiev "Russian aggression" in the Donbass. Experts point out that such events are beneficial primarily Russia, as demonstrated Ukrainian groundless accusations.

With 16 on 19 January Ukrainian inspectors will check the scope of notifiable military activities in the Rostov region. This was announced the day before by the head of the Russian National Center for Nuclear Risk Reduction, Sergei Ryzhkov. "Ukraine requested the Russian Federation to conduct inspections of the said area on its territory within the framework of the Vienna Document 2011 on Confidence Building Measures and Security," Ryzhkov said. The region specified by Ukraine is located in the Rostov region and occupies an area of ​​about 16 thousand square meters. km. The purpose of such events, Ryzhkov pointed out, is to determine the extent or confirmation of the absence of military activities within the specified area.

In addition, he said, the Ukrainian military will receive briefings by commanders of military units. "Briefings by commanders contains summary information on the structure and tasks of the military units subordinate", - quotes its "Interfax".

In addition to the Ukrainians, the Inspectorate will also be involved experts from Germany and Serbia. German experts will visit 252-th motorized infantry regiment stationed in the town of Boguchar Voronezh region, and the Serbian conduct inspections on the territory of one of the districts of Moscow region.

Recall that a pan-European security architecture includes several agreements on disarmament, arms control and confidence-building measures in the military field. Thus, the Vienna Document 2011 year provides for the exchange of data on military forces, planning and budgets. In addition, the OSCE countries provide each other with information on certain military activities and conduct inspections.

This is not the first such test of Russian military units Ukrainian specialists. In February last year, was also carried out such an inspection, Ukrainian inspectors "noted that was not observed military activities of the Russian Armed Forces in the selected area for inspection, and pointed to the exact observance of the provisions of the Vienna Document Russian attendants."

In March 2014, the same inspection was carried Ukrainian military specialists in the Belgorod and Kursk regions. Then, too, no violations were recorded.

"From the air and on land"

Speaker of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Alexander Motuzyanik said in turn that the inspection of Ukrainian military observers in the border district of Rostov region will include ground-based testing, and circled the helicopter. "As part of the inspection will, in particular, receive information from the commanders of Russian units plan to carry out a helicopter circled. Also planned for land inspection of the specified area "- he said at the briefing, which was broadcast TV channel« 112 Ukraine ".

He added that the inspection team will also include representatives of Denmark and Canada. "An inspection team as planned, will include two representatives from Ukraine, one representative from Canada and one representative of the Kingdom of Denmark", - transmits his words TASS.

Ukraine accused Russia of aggression, and strengthened the Russian border

Recall that the Ukrainian authorities regularly declare "Russian aggression" in the Donbass, speaking of the presence on the territory of the self-proclaimed DND and LNR regular Russian army units. On Saturday, it again reminded Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, speaking at a ceremony to mark the Day of the defender of Ukraine. Poroshenko warned "Russian occupiers" that on the Ukrainian land of their death inevitably awaits.

However, the most frequently accused of "Russian aggression" were heard from the Ukrainian leadership in 2014-2015 years. In February 2015 years at a security conference in Munich Poroshenko brought a pack of Russian passports, military cards, allegedly taken from the Russian troops in the Donbas. "I took my passport and military cards Russian soldiers, Russian officers, who come to us .... This is the best proof of the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine", - transmits his words RT.

At the economic forum in Davos Ukrainian President brought the bus fragment from Volnovakha, shortly before subjected to shelling, which killed civilians. "That's part of the bus from Volnovakha damaged by fragments of a Russian rocket that killed my people," - said he then.

Against the backdrop of Ukrainian events and unfriendly rhetoric of the authorities in Kiev, Russia was engaged in strengthening the state border, increasing the number of military units of constant combat readiness in the Western Military District. "The geopolitical situation has changed: until last year, we did not have any permanent readiness units in any of the border regions with Ukraine. This direction was considered absolutely safe, "friendly". Therefore, there was formed a "black hole", which had to be closed with urgent measures for relocating and restoring some formations, "military expert Viktor Murakhovsky told the newspaper at the time.

Inspection is favorable Russia

The expert of the Association of Military Political Scientists Alexander Perendzhiev, commenting on the VZGLYAD news on the upcoming military verification, said that, frankly, he does not understand the excitement surrounding the upcoming inspection. "In 2015, Ukraine also inspected parts in the Rostov region, looking for evidence of Russia's assistance to the Donbas militiamen. Evidence was not found then, but they did not stop talking about "Russian aggression". Following the Ukrainian inspection, our military units were also checked by military specialists from Turkey and the Netherlands, and also found no evidence of military expansion into Ukraine. At least, in no international organization, no one mentioned the fact of detecting signs of Russian aggression during these inspections, "the expert said. Perendzhiev hopes that the new wave of Kiev's interest in the question of helping Russia with the Donbas militia is not connected with the next upcoming offensive of the Armed Forces and the desire to conduct reconnaissance of the Russian border territory for the supply of militia.

In the very checks, according to the military expert, Russia is more interested than Ukraine. "It is advantageous for us to demonstrate that the accusations of aggression are groundless. Ukrainian media are also replicating this news, but they do not give any comments. Agree, it sounds strange: military inspection in the territory of the aggressor country. The Vienna document was created to solve disputable military moments between states, "he explained. Perengiev noted that the results of these inspections should be voiced more widely, since it is beneficial for Russia to dispel the myth of aggression.

According to the expert, inspectors can look at almost any objects on the territory of military units, except for the so-called. "Sensitive points," where there is some secret equipment, but they can be shown to inspectors, not allowing inside. "In general, inspectors can record the presence or absence of personnel, the manning and movement of troops, the storage of weapons and ammunition. The only thing the Vienna document introduced was temporary standards for visiting the facility, depending on the number of servicemen and equipment, "Perengiev said. In conclusion, he added that such an inspection can be conducted no more than three times a year in relation to one country. "By the way, Russia can also inspect military units on the territory of Ukraine, this option is not ruled out," the military expert added.

Nikita Golobokov
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