Today: October 16 2018
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"An ultimatum to a great power without evidence - what was it?": In the US, May was found nothing but emotion in the anti-Russian attack

Tags: United Kingdom, Russia, Politics, Theresa May

American political scientist Dmitry Simes commented on the anti-Russian actions of Britain. In his opinion, London in the situation with the Skripal case was guided only by emotions.

Simes expressed bewilderment of the decision of British Prime Minister Therese May to declare an ultimatum to Russia, and after the expiration of his term to apply sanctions. "Distracting from what evidence she has, and what she really thinks, she had to guess, or she should have been told that in the form in which the ultimatum was introduced to Russia, it was practically impossible to fulfill." I call it "the moment of Sarajevo" - when Austria presented Serbia with an ultimatum in 1914 after the assassination of the archduke, Russia is not Serbia, and the retired Russian colonel is not the English Crown Prince, but Russia is not Serbia, so I'm trying to understand why May did what she did " , - he said.

According to the expert, May's anti-Russian attack "reflects her inner conviction that Russia (made by Skrypal) did it." "But she had to proceed from the fact that in the political situation in England she had to take immediate action: not to wait for someone to be arrested and questioned, or some suspect to appear, not to find out how the special services should be better than the Colonel was engaged in England, did he do something that could provoke a new outcry of Russia, instead she went on a very fast ultimatum.The ultimatum of another great power on the basis of "you are most likely to blame," says that in England, the situation, when the immediate vet considered necessary words, but the facts have any emotional predisposition, political circumstances, which often do not take into account managers to make decisions ", -. Simes explained.

Expert from the US is convinced that May's actions will not have serious consequences

Speaking about the US reaction to the actions of Britain, the political scientist noted that the White House and Congress converge only in solidarity with London and its "concern." If Congress sees in Skripal's son another reason to increase pressure on Russia, then President Donald Trump and his administration would like to begin to sort out, including requesting information about the situation with the intelligence services of Britain itself.

"Trump wants to show Russia that England is not alone and wants to show such a message to NATO allies, but that does not mean that he is ready for such ill-considered decisions as the activation of the 5 article of NATO, especially on the basis of such a very isolated and not fully investigated Therefore, it seems to me that we, fortunately, are far from the confrontation of the great powers, "said Simes.

One of the possible scenarios for further development of the expert considers the interaction of the American special services with the Russian to investigate the case of Skripal. "The leaders of the Russian special services were not so long ago in Washington and met with American counterparts, including with (the new US Secretary of State) Mike Pompeo, when he was the head of the CIA.Therefore, if Russia has some kind of information on this issue and facts I think that this information could be quickly conveyed to the American side, I see no reason why this could not be done, and why America would not have accepted this information, "he concluded.

Grigory Egorov
ABF "Economy Today"
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