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University "minds" of Cyprus planned a strike

The Guild of Doctors of Sciences and researchers working at the University of Cyprus announced the planned 48-hour strike of 22 January. The reason is the requirement to improve working conditions and increase wages.

According to the statement made by representatives of the Guild, researchers and teachers from all faculties of the University of Cyprus will take part in the strike. This decision was made due to non-compliance with the obligations of the Administration.

Previously, teachers have repeatedly appealed to the management of the University with a request to improve the conditions of doctors of science, the amount of work in fact more than what was agreed and promised earlier. Many teachers receive low wages, the size of which does not match their qualifications. In addition, they can not enjoy the same social rights as other employees of the University. For example, it concerns medical care, sick leave, and maternity leave and child care, Philenews reports.

The Guild also opposes the introduction of a temporary restriction on the admission of teachers of narrow specialization. Such a restriction can lead to the fact that many young scientists will be unemployed, and some will leave Cyprus permanently or change their professional orientation.

According to the teachers, to date the Rectorate has not taken any steps to solve the existing problems. He also refuses to hold a joint dialogue in order to agree on something.

The problem with wages has affected not only the teachers of the University. Teachers of public schools also expressed their indignation, caused by late payment of wages.

A source: RuCy

Author: Elena Savchenko

Tags: Cyprus, Strikes, Scientists, Teachers, Education

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