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USA Today appreciated the joke of the Russian embassy to Britain: "Successful podkol"

"We reject all current political discussions and strained relations between countries. We all have to admit that it was a very successful podkol to the UK by the Russian embassy, ​​"- writes a journalist of the American tabloid.

The story began on 10 October, when the Daily Star wrote that the British, fearing Russian surveillance at the 2018 World Cup, decided to bring a "team of surveillance specialists" with them. The answer of the Russian embassy in Great Britain did not take long.

Daily Star: "Because of fears of espionage, England will bring a team of surveillance specialists to the World Championship in Russia."

The Russian Embassy: "It's better to bring a football team".

Commentary has caused a lot of comments from Twitter's Twitter subscribers. Thus, a large number of foreigners noted the tremendous sense of humor of the embassy staff.

"I love your sense of humor, comrades"
«I love Russia»
"Even Russia laughs at us"

It is worth noting that the staff of the Russian diplomatic mission in the UK is not the first time in the reports of Western news, as jokers in social networks. Earlier, the Russian embassy ridiculed the journalist The Times, who compared Soyuz to the iPhone, offering him to fly into space on his smartphone.


Author: Oksana Volgina

Tags: Russia, Great Britain, Diplomacy

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