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In the summer all over Greece can pay off the bank cards

In Greece, the process of transition to a cashless form of payment for goods and services.

Until the end of June this year the terminals to receive payment by credit cards will be installed in all offices and retail outlets.

Soon there will be published a decision of the Ministerial Council, which will be submitted to the tax accrual plan for settlements with bank cards.

Set terminals will be obliged to pay when services of plumbers, lawyers, electricians, doctors, engineers and others. Thus it will be possible to pay the bill in cash and a bank card.

bank card payment will be carried out through:

- bills for electricity, water, gas and gasoline at the gas station
- Services for the installation of air conditioners, air filters
- transport service
- the purchase of goods in the meat and fish shops, kiosks, pastry shops, bakeries, bookstores, sports, furniture stores, and others.
- medical services, lawyers, travel agencies, etc.
- bills in restaurants and cafes
- Accommodation, hotels, cinemas and other.

A source: newsbomb

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