Today: December 11 2018
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At the airport of Larnaca the information board does not work

At the airport of Larnaca the information board does not work

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Yesterday afternoon in the airport of Larnaka a system failed to inform passengers and meet in real time information about the arrivals and departures of flights. Information terminals do not work in terminals, the site does not update information from two o'clock in the afternoon. Nevertheless, the press service of the Hermes Airports consortium informed the Cyprus News Agency that Larnaka airport is operating normally.

When entering the site of Larnaca airport, the user meets

The information system about flights was temporarily out of order. To obtain information, passengers can contact either directly with representatives of their airlines, or with employees of the call center of the airport by calling 7777 8833.

The official representative of the airport Adamos Aspris noted that technical services are making every effort to "restart the system as quickly as possible." According to the spokesman, Hermes Airports launched a backup system.

[In such cases], the plan provides for an increase in the number of personnel at the airport, which handles passengers and flights manually, "Mr. Aspris explained.

Without special problems already served 16 flights (eight departing and eight arrivals). Delays were about 15 minutes.

There is no reason to worry, - assured the official representative of Larnaca airport.

The message in the official Larnaka airport account in the social network Twitter, published in 22: 10: "Despite some technical problems, the airport is operating normally"

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