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Larnaca Airport has earned a new parking lot

Operator Hermes Airports announced the opening of a new parking at the airport in Larnaca, intended for short-term parking. The company reported this to 29 in May in an official press release.

The new Short Stay is located on the west side of the airport, just a few meters from the terminal building. Parking spaces can be used by friends and relatives who see off passengers and meet passengers. According to Hermes Airports, this measure will relieve the access road to the terminal, which is used by taxis and public transport, as well as those who came to the airport only to land passengers on the Drop Off site.

The fee for 20 parking minutes in the Short Stay parking lot is 1 euro.

More information can be found on the websitehermesairports.com.

Scheme of a new parking at the airport in Larnaca

A source: VC

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