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In Athens, an exhibition of photographs from the Donbass

A small photo exhibition about the war in Donbas opened in Athens - on three dozen black and white photographs depict children, destroyed homes, burned children's toys. Posted 101 and lists of the deceased child of all ages - from infants to teenagers.

Photos exhibited indoors group "2510 space" in the Exarcheia district engaged in educational activities - amateur theater, language teaching, including Russian, performances of traditional dances.

"This exhibition we hold jointly with" 101 Life "of the Donetsk People's Republic, which deals with the drama of children of war victims, there is a list of the killed children there main goal of this organization -. To tell the world about the killing of children, about the war in Donbass", - said Andreas Zafiris, one of the organizers of the exhibition.

According to him, it's pictures of the last two years. Author of pictures - Donetsk photographer Yuri Yurchenko.

"There are only three dozen photographs show them we will be five days, and then try to put them in other areas of Athens and Greece." - Zafiris said.

He said that his organization helps the two schools in the DNI. In one of the schools in Donetsk organized study of the Greek language school in Gorlovka Donetsk region, along with the city a center of Greek culture. Greek is taught and students in Gorlovka Institute of Foreign Languages, where honorary professor Andreas Zafiris became for humanitarian activities.

"In the three departments learn 60 guys" - Zafiris said.

Zafiris together with a group of solidarity Save Donbass helped collect and send loads of humanitarian aid for the residents of the affected regions.

However, according to him, is not the only organization that helps the Donbas.

"In Greece, there are many organizations involved in using and there are people who are single-handedly help the region Greek people support the struggle of the residents of Donbass, in contrast to the Greek government, which does not help the community of the Greeks.." - Zafiris said.

The visitors also showed a short film about a resident of the city of Gorlovka Anna Tuv, which during the Ukrainian army shelling husband and daughter were killed in May 2015 years.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, shows, Ukraine, Donbass, War

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