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21.06.2017 - 16: 01

In Athens, a rally was held for the resignation of the government of Tsipras

In Athens, a protest took place against the policy of the ruling coalition ANEL-SYRIZA.

At the rally of the opposition for the resignation of the left government of Tsipras, there were 2 thousand people

The "Retire" movement was created in social networks, groups were called to go to the parliament in Syntagma and demand the resignation of the government.

In Facebook, the action was supported by more than 9 thousand users, but the participants of the rally turned out to be less than expected.

Gathered in the center of the Greek capital went to the action with placards "GR in EU", with the flags of the European Union and chanted "In resignation!".

The meeting began in 20: 00, after an hour people began to disperse.

A source: newsbomb

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