Today: February 23 2019
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The Bank for Cyprus has earned an asset management division

The Bank for Cyprus has earned an asset management division

Tags: Cyprus, Economics, Banks, Investments

Bank of Cyprus's asset management division, VOSAM began its work by establishing the first mutual investment fund - the European Investment Fund of the Funds. Its goal is to generate long-term income from investments in mutual funds in Europe, mainly through capital gains, but also through profit sharing.

VOSAM will carefully select objects for investment, giving preference to funds operating in the European capital markets. According to the WUA statement, mutual investment funds are a tool suitable both for institutional and for private investors and are subject to strict regulation.

Among the advantages of such funds is the professional management of investments and investment portfolio, high liquidity, optimization of risks and income level through diversification, relatively low operating costs, lack of a criterion for minimum capital, transparency (prices and profitability are published daily).

Let's remind that VOSAM is the first company in Cyprus managing mutual funds, approved by the European Central Bank and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

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