Today: January 21 2019
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In Belarus may oblige men to go on leave for child care

In Belarus may oblige men to go on leave for child care

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on Parental leave can be mandatory for men Belarus, said on Thursday the chairman of board of the international public organization "Gender Perspectives" Irina Alhovka.

According to the legislation of Belarus, either parent can arrange maternity care under the age of three years. According to Belarus Sputnik Agency, enjoy this right, mainly women, but in the past few years, according to experts, more and more men have expressed a desire to leave on maternity leave instead of his wife.

"There is a state program on population health, and it has a sub-national scale to achieve gender equality in the framework of this project formulated a legislative initiative:. Oblige men to be on maternity leave for at least 20 days", - said Alhovka in Sputnik MOC during the round table dedicated campaign to raise awareness of gender discrimination in the labor market.

According to her, Sweden, for example, began with the fact that the legislation introduced for men such duties as prescribed in this case, that if a man refuses to maternity leave, the family receives less benefit from the state in connection with the birth of a child.

Alhovka stressed that such a legislative initiative should be encouraged, even if the society is not quite ready. According to her, it will be an occasion for men to think about their role in the upbringing of the child.

A representative of the trade union of workers of chemical, mining and petroleum industries Tishurova Olga noticed that "even in the" Belaruskali "there are men who are on maternity leave." She explained that some companies offer to their employees in accordance with collective bargaining agreements, certain bonuses and benefits for being on maternity leave. Therefore, she said, the family should weigh the economic benefits and decide who will be on leave for child care.

Meanwhile, only 1% of fathers according Alhovki, now in the country decide to take maternity leave instead of the mother of the child.

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