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In Belarus, it will be possible to avoid military service on religious grounds

In Belarus, it will be possible to avoid military service on religious grounds

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Military service in Belarus may be replaced by an alternative only on religious grounds, said Tuesday the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic Igor Starovoytov.

On July 1 2016 years in Belarus comes into force the law "On alternative service". The main body implementing the requirements of this law is the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Earlier, Defense Minister Andrei Ravkov told RIA Novosti that is the desire to perform alternative service in Belarus expressed about 20 people.

"The law provides for the right of a citizen to apply for replacement of a military alternative service on religious grounds. The important point is that a person must not only declare their desire to perform alternative service instead of the military, but also to properly substantiate his petition ... The law does not provide for automatic recognition of the right to substitute military service with alternative, "- said Starovoytov during an online conference.

The official explained that the statement should set out the reasons that led the person to ask for military service replaced by an alternative. The application included an autobiography, as well as other materials that may serve as confirmation of the information contained in the statement.

"Citizens who are recruited for urgent military service, reserve service, fit for health and physical development, can pass to the alternative service, personally declaring that the adoption of the military oath, wearing, the use of weapons or direct participation in the production and maintenance of weapons, ammunition and military equipment are contrary to their religious beliefs insofar as it becomes impossible to pass military service. I will add that the alternative service is not directed freed according to the law from conscription for military service, reserve service or having the right to defer - so the law says, "Starovoitov said.

According to him, the list of activities defined by law and is quite wide. This health organizations, social services, housing, agriculture and forestry, as well as organizations engaged in landscaping, construction and repair of roads and railway lines.

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RIA News
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