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In Belarus started ruble denomination

In Belarus started ruble denomination

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Belarusian ruble denominated Friday - on the new payment signs was four less than zero; for the first time since the Soviet era in the country put into circulation metal coins.

In accordance with the decree of President Alexander Lukashenko, the people of the country will be able to exchange the banknotes of the sample to 2000 years 31 2016 December year. Restrictions on the amount of exchange have not been established, reports RIA "Novosti".

In 1992 year in the country, new money, popularly called "bunnies" (on the bills were depicted animals - rabbits, squirrels, bison and wolves). At the same time due to inflation denomination banknotes has increased. For example, the ruble bill was considered ten rubles.

In 1994 year there was the first denomination of the Belarusian ruble. He again began to be considered at par. By 1999 year inflation in Belarus has reached such a level that it was necessary to introduce a bill in circulation of five million rubles. In 200 the authorities conducted a second denomination banknotes with removing three zeros.

As a result of the contest new Belarusian banknotes produced the British company De La Rue, a coin - Lithuanian Mint and Mint of Kremnica in Slovakia.

New Belarusian money will include seven denominations of banknotes - five, ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred, two hundred and five hundred rubles, and eight denominations of coins - one, two, five, ten, twenty and fifty 50 cents as well as one and two rubles.

The National Bank explained that the overall concept design of new banknotes corresponds to the motto "May kraіna - Belarus" (My country - Belarus). Each banknote is dedicated to Minsk and one of the regions of Belarus. Value field banknote determined in alphabetical order.

So, the bill in five rubles displayed Brest region, ten rubles - Vitebsk, twenty rubles - Gomel, fifty - Grodno, a hundred rubles - Minsk, two hundred rubles - Mogilev, five hundred rubles - Minsk. In 2009 the sample design, the banknotes stored continuity 2000-th - there used images of monuments of architecture and urban planning.

On the new Belarusian money will be temporarily present spelling mistake and signature of one of the former heads of the country's National Bank. "Preparations for the denomination took a fairly long period. Thus, the new banknotes that will be put into circulation from July 1 2016 years, were made by order of the National Bank is still in 2008 year "- said the regulator.

Then, due to the global economic crisis and as a result, the deterioration of the economic situation in the country, the denomination has been delayed, and made moneys transferred to the central repository of the National Bank. "In view of the new Belarusian rubles time of manufacture have certain characteristics" - warns regulator.

Thus, the sample banknotes 2009 years put into circulation placed facsimile signature occupied at that time as chairman of the National Bank Piotr Prokopovich. Prokopovich at the head of the National Bank Nadezhda Ermakova has changed, and it - Kallaur Paul, the incumbent is now.

In addition, the new banknote fifty rubles inscription "pyatsdzesyat" (a Belarusian - "fifty"), which is not in accordance with the rules of the Belarusian orthography (the changes were adopted in the summer of 2008 years - Ed.). This word should be written by the letter "I" in the second syllable - "pyatsdzyasyat".

In this case the regulator stressed that the implementation of the National Bank of subsequent orders for new notes indicated discrepancies will be eliminated.

To speed up the introduction process in the handling of banknotes and simplify the calculation of the population during the period of dual circulation of old and new money the board of National Bank decided not to charge for the reinforcement of banks banknotes sample 2009 year within one month from the beginning of the denomination coins sample 2009 years - a period of six months.

Banks, in turn, must be free to carry out similar operations for its clients - legal entities (with payment only of the transportation), as well as arrange a free exchange of banknotes sample 2000 years and sample 2009 year sample 2009, the coins directly to the banks' vaults for individuals .

At the same time to ensure that trade organizations (service) delivery bargaining chip customers cash 2009, the sample should be organized by banks in the first days of the denomination.

In addition, already in July 1 banks have to organize the implementation of the free exchange of bank notes of the sample on the sample, the 2000 2009, the coins through the exchange offices, cash settlement centers on the territory of trade organizations (service), before the start of commercial properties.

Due to the necessity of the technical activities related to the denomination of the Belarusian ruble, with 23.00 30 June until 6.00 - 9.00 1 of July (depending on the service and processing center of the bank) calculations of bank payment cards will not be made.

Against the background of the forthcoming denomination of the national currency of Belarus residents are faced with the problem of withdrawals in some ATMs. Previously, a number of banks and organizations have warned the population about the expected disruptions in the conduct of non-cash transactions to pay for goods, services and purchases via the Internet, as well as when using ATMs and payment terminals before and during the first days after the denomination. In some organizations, Belarusians advised to make significant payments in advance and stock up on cash, even for the first time.

Already on Wednesday - two days before the date of the denomination - the inhabitants of the republic have begun to stock cash. Near some ATMs even formed a queue. This has resulted in a lack of cash in a number of devices.

A number of ATMs to the denomination generally stopped work, which may be due to the reprogramming of equipment under the new bill, and with the increasing load.

Clients of a number of banks this week also faced the problem of incorrect display of information on account balances. Representatives of banks declare that they are aware of the problems, and promise to solve them as quickly as possible. "A big request to all citizens of our country: to plan their payments for the next two or three days, and everything they wanted to pay for - mobile communications, utilities, it is better to pay today or tomorrow in the morning," said the chief of the main management of payment systems and digital technologies of the National Bank Alexander Sotnikov.

Difficulties can trap of foreigners who come to Belarus in the early hours of the denomination. Lacking cash Belarusian money, they will not be able to remove them from their cards or make non-cash payments, as the night denomination cards of foreign banks will not be served.

Difficulties arise for a few hours and cash foreign currency exchange. In the contact center "Belarusbank", whose exchange offices are located at the Minsk railway station, reported that "30 June exchangers with non-stop operation, working with clients to 22.00, and 1 July exchangers with non-stop operation start to work with clients 02.00 ».

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