Today: January 21 2019
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In Belarus, check the combat readiness of the army began

In Belarus, check the combat readiness of the army began

Tags: Belarus, Army Doctrine

The Armed Forces of Belarus on Monday held a comprehensive inspection level of combat readiness, the press service of Defense Ministry.

"... In the armed forces carried out a comprehensive check of the level of combat readiness Since January 30. Assessment will be subjected to the elements of combat and support forces systems ", - RIA" Novosti "message of the Ministry of Defence of Belarus.

It is noted that the purpose of due diligence - increasing the combat readiness of military units to carry out tasks. By checking held different kinds of troops, as well as air defense system. The event is called the planned, but "contains the element of surprise for the attracted to the test".

"They will create a dynamic environment that will require unconventional approaches to the training and combat missions, a detailed knowledge of weapons and military equipment, the ability to quickly orient themselves in conditions of limited time and information", - the press-service.

According to the Ministry of Defence of Belarus, will check about 30 military units, in addition, about 3 thousand. Military called up from the reserve. It is noted that the winter test system will test the technical and logistic support to carry out tasks "to ensure the serviceability of functioning of weapons and military equipment."

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