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In Belarus in ATMs do not have enough cash in the run-up to the denomination

In Belarus in ATMs do not have enough cash in the run-up to the denomination

Tags: Belarus, Economy, Money

Residents of Belarus faced the problem of cash withdrawal at ATMs of the country against the backdrop of the forthcoming denomination of the national currency.

Belarusian ruble denomination will 1 July. Banknotes sample 2000 years will be replaced by a new model of the banknote of 10 thousand rubles the old model will be available one new ruble. For the first time since the Soviet era in Belarus is not only paper notes will be issued, but the metal coins.

Previously, a number of banks and organizations have warned the population about the expected disruptions in the conduct of non-cash transactions to pay for goods, services and purchases via the Internet, as well as when using ATMs and payment terminals before and during the first days after the denomination. In some organizations, Belarusians advised to make significant payments in advance and stock up on cash, even for the first time.

As the correspondent of RIA Novosti on Wednesday the residents of the republic have begun to stock cash. Near some ATMs even formed a queue. This has resulted in a lack of cash, in some ATMs. In particular, it concerns the number of ATMs "Belarusbank", "Belinvestbank", "BPS-Sberbank" and others.

Some ATMs in the environment in general ceased to operate, which may be due to the reprogramming of equipment under the new bill, and with the increase in the load equipment.

According to reports in the social media, such problems are observed not only in Minsk, but also in other regions of the country, in particular in Vitebsk, Mogilev, Baranovichi.

Customers of several banks in the current week have problems with the display of the account balance. Representatives of the banks argue that the problems arising in the course, and promise to resolve them as quickly as possible.

The National Bank of Belarus Belarusians recommended to plan their payments for the next two-three days.

"The big request to all citizens of our country to plan their payments for the next two or three days, and all they want to pay - mobile communication, utilities, better pay today or tomorrow morning," - said on Wednesday the head of the main management of payment systems and digital technologies of the National Bank Alexander Sotnikov.

He said that customers should focus primarily on the information that will be posted on the official websites of banks. "Different service channels will be switched off and connect the banks at different times, for example, internet banking in the various banks is disabled in the middle of the day from the middle of 30 June, and until the middle of July 1 it is connected.", - He explained. National Bank representative also said that the bank payment cards abroad will not work on the night of July 30 1 June.

In turn, the Ministry of Trade of Belarus states that warning in the outlets of the expected problems with non-cash payments are reassurance.

"Ministry of Commerce recorded some facts to mislead the public organizations engaged in the acceptance of payments for goods and services through the use of bank cards," - said Wednesday the Ministry of Trade.

"In this regard, the Trade Ministry recalls that, according to official information from the National Bank, for technical reasons, will not be possible to pay by bank card only from 23.30 30 June until 8.00 1 July. At other times, payment terminals in trade and public catering will work normal mode This issue is taken under special control the Trade inspection "-. the ministry said.

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