Today: March 25 2019
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In the coming months, a "Russian angel" will appear in Cyprus

In the coming months, a "Russian angel" will appear in Cyprus

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Russian artist and sculptor Peter Stronsky will donate to Cyprus one of his works - a five-meter "Good Angel of the World". A gilded sculpture made of metal and fiberglass weighing 600 kg will be installed in Ayia Napa. Such an angel is already in 35 cities around the world, it symbolizes friendship between nations and a special connection of the chosen place with Russia.

As reported by Phileleftheros referring to Mayor of Ayia Napa Yannis Karusos, the international fund for research and support in the field of culture and art, headed by Stronsky, will donate to the municipality a statue of "a famous religious symbol of the Russian people - an angel who protects and encourages peace, kindness and the exaltation of peoples" .

The cost of creating the statue will be fully covered by Russian patrons, and the Ayia Napa mayor's office will pay for transportation from Russia to Cyprus and its installation on the embankment. The municipal council decided that "the statue of the angel will occupy a prominent place in the harbor of Ayia Napa." According to the mayor, the delivery and installation of a guardian angel from Moscow is planned "in the coming months".

Peter Stronsky is an academician of the Russian Academy of Arts and Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. The statues of his angels are set in 35 cities around the world. Each of them has its own element. In Cannes, the angel holds a palm branch - the highest award of the famous film festival. The angel, installed on the Hungarian lake of Balaton, has a dove. And the angel in Ayia Napa will have the image of the Virgin Mary in her hands.

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