Today: 26 September 2018
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Hospitals in Cyprus introduce express care for patients

Hospitals in Cyprus introduce express care for patients

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16 October, in the emergency room of the Central Hospital of Nicosia will be launched express care for patients, according to Phileleftheros. This is a pilot project. If it justifies the expectations of the Ministry of Health, express centers will be opened in all cities of Cyprus.

As the Minister of Health of the Republic of Cyprus, Yorgos Pamboridis, explained, the specially created department will work with those who applied to the hospital with complaints about their health, but who do not need emergency medical care. In other words, less urgent cases will be sent to the express aid office. This will help reduce the waiting time in queues, the head of the Ministry of Health noted.

The idea of ​​introducing express help arose in the framework of the reform of the public health system. By the end of the month, similar offices will open at the health center in Lac and in the outpatient clinic of the Old Nicosia Hospital. Experts of the Cypriot Ministry of Health will analyze the work of the pilot departments and make adjustments, after which similar express centers will be launched in all state hospitals in the country.

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