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In the center of Athens blew Bank

The bomb exploded in a Eurobank bank branch in the center of the Greek capital, Athens News Agency reported.

Unknown to 22.05 (time coincides with Moscow) called the editorial office of the news zougla.gr site and reported that he had planted an explosive device in the Eurobank office in a house on the street 7 Santaroza, the explosion will happen in 35 minutes. The office is located in the heart of the capital, between the streets of Panepistimiou and Stadiou.

Police quickly cordoned off the area and blocked traffic. At the scene went explosives, discovered at the entrance to the bank bag. The called during a phone call during an explosion.

According to preliminary data, damaged the bank and surrounding buildings.

Area remains blocked, the police are investigating, the agency said.

Website zougla.gr reported that the explosion "powerful bomb" occurred in 22.40. The explosion was heard in several districts of Athens.

Banks are often the target of attacks in Greece. In particular, April 10 2014 near the Bank of Greece, the car was blown up with 75 kilos of explosives. Then it claimed responsibility terrorist group "Revolutionary Struggle", involved in a number of high-profile terrorist attacks, including the shelling of the US Embassy in Athens from a grenade launcher in 2007 year, as well as explosions near the building of the Ministry of Culture and the Athens Stock Exchange. 9 2010 April, the special services managed to eliminate this terrorist organization, but a few years later it was revived.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Athens, Incidents, explosion, Banks