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In the heart of Paris at a police shootout killed

Two policemen were killed and one wounded in a shootout near the Champs-Elysées in Paris. The shooter eliminated in the center of the French capital is a special operation, according to Reuters.

According to the agency, a car with unknown persons stopped by the patrol police car, and then the shooting started. According to witnesses, one unknown, drove the fire, presumably from a Kalashnikov. Official confirmation of this information has been received.

Le Figaro reports that the attack involved two criminals, one of them escaped.

criminal motives have not yet been established, but the police admit that what happened - the attack. At the same time, the source claims that the cause could be a shootout armed robbery.

RIA Novosti reported that the helicopter flies over the scene. At the scene shrink reinforcement.

The prefecture of the Paris police in its Twitter urged to avoid the area of ​​emergency, without explaining the reason.

Tuesday in Marseilles in southern France arrested two suspected of preparing terrorist attack, which was planned at the final stage of the presidential race in France. During the search Mahidina M. and B. Clement was discovered photography, which captures automatic, cartridges, paper with the image of presidential candidate Fransua Fiyona and the flag IG terrorist groups (banned in Russia).

A source: RIA News

Author: Victoria Ivanova

Tags: France, Police Incidents, Shooting, Victims