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07.04.2017 - 17: 12

In the heart of Stockholm, the truck drove into the crowd

The truck crashed into a crowd of pedestrians in the center of Stockholm, the Swedish Radio reports citing eyewitnesses.

The incident occurred on Drottninggatan - main pedestrian street.

According to an eyewitness, the truck crashed into the people walking at high speed. The car stopped after being moved into a shop window.

"I saw at least three dead, but there may be more than you complete chaos.", - the correspondent of the Swedish radio said in a live broadcast. Later radio clarified with reference to the security police SEPO that the death toll of at least two.

According to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, the police cordoned off the scene, the panic among the people.

Published on the net picture is seen burning a truck crashed into a showcase and the people who hastily left the streets.

Aftonbladet on site is being broadcast live from the event. It shows how law enforcement overlap part of the street where the incident occurred. In place of the police cars continue to arrive.

Police asked people to leave the scene. There are already about 10 police cars and at least five ambulances, reports agency TT.

Police consider the incident as a possible terrorist attack, Reuters reported with reference to the TV channel SVT.

According to the agency, the police received reports of shots near the scene, but the data have not been confirmed.

In the SEPO stated that evidence that it was a terrorist attack, yet, according to Swedish Radio.

The Russian embassy in Stockholm finds out if any of the affected Russians.

A source: RIA News

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