Today: January 16 2019
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In Damascus, called the conditions for cooperation with Trump

In Damascus, called the conditions for cooperation with Trump

Tags: Syria, Middle East, Politics, US, Trump

Damascus was ready to cooperate with the elected 45-m US president Donald Trump if his policies will justify the hopes of Syria, said Advisor to the President of ATS Buseyna Shaaban.

Shaaban statement is the first official reaction to the outcome of the US presidential election on the part of Syria. Republican candidate Trump won the elections in the United States, which took place on November 8.

"Damascus is hoping that the US will become during the reign of Trump active participant in the fight against terrorism" - quoted by the authorities closest to the newspaper Al-Watan Shaaban statement NPR American television. She said that Syria is primarily interested in the politics of the new president, and not by the electoral process.

"If the policy (Trump) will coincide with our expectations, Damascus will be open to any cooperation with the United States and other countries, to respect the sovereignty of the state, caring for the interests of the Syrians, and not to interfere in their affairs," - said the politician.

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