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In Egypt, called All Inclusive harmful to tourism

Egyptian tourism federation (ETF) called recreation format of "all inclusive" harmful to the country. In particular, All Inclusive leads to lower quality of service and hampers the development of resort areas. It is reported by the Association of Tour Operators of Russia.

According to the head of ETF Karim Mohsen, if at the system "all inclusive" travelers need not leave the hotel, which has a negative effect on the rest of the tourist infrastructure, and reduces the income of local businesses - taxi drivers, owners of cafes, restaurants and shops.

"As for the quality of services provided in tourist facilities and hotels, I believe that the government should set strict rules in this area and to monitor their implementation. Another measure is to lower the rating of hotels that offer packages "all inclusive", "- he said.

Mohsen added that the prices for accommodation in hotels, working on the All Inclusive system, is worth a raise.

According to an ETF, Egypt in the year 2017 can count only on 30-percent increase in tourist traffic as compared to the year 2016, if air communication with Russia will not resume. In the last year in the country we visited 5,4 million tourists (it's on the 40 percent less than in the year 2015).

A source: Slow

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