Today: December 14 2018
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This year Limassol expects a major modernization

This year Limassol expects a major modernization

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On Wednesday, 10 January, Mayor of Limassol Nikos Nikolaidis presented the plan of work of the municipality headed by him for 2018 year. In addition to transformations in the system of work of the government itself (reorganization of departments, introduction of internal audit and computerization of all services without exception), the mayor intends to launch 11 new projects sponsored by European funds.

In 2018, the City Hall of Limassol is going to modernize Lady's Mile Beach and Heroes Square, as well as open a municipal arts center in the former warehouse of Papadakis and a sports museum on the territory of the GSO sports complex. On the beach Lady's Mile will create walking paths, install benches and night lights. The project is designed in such a way as to minimize interference in the ecosystem of the beach and the nearby Akrotiri salt lake to a minimum.

The work plan for 2018 year provides for the reconstruction of the facades of buildings. The municipal authorities want to liquidate the large parking lot of Enaerios in Canika, but that's what will be in its place, until it is decided. As for the claims of shopkeepers and stalls in Mishauli and Kavazoglu streets, which require more parking spaces instead of green squares and bicycle paths, the authorities will not deviate from the approved project, since there is a risk of losing EU funding.

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