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In the Greek Church calls for unity to Pan-Orthodox Council

In the Greek Orthodox Church believe that the decision of the Pan-Orthodox Council should be carried out and it has to go as scheduled, without regular transport, told RIA Novosti Archimandrite o.Ignatios Sotiriadis, a member of the Committee on vneshnehristianskim and inter-relations of the Holy Synod.

"Pan-Orthodox Council is required to take place It's all games are played around him for so many years we were going to him, and if we do not get together that tell Catholics, Protestants, Anglicans -.. That the Orthodox can not achieve unity?" - All disputes Archimandrite said, answering the question whether the Council will be held as scheduled in connection with the decisions of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the Antiochian Orthodox Church not to go if they are not resolved.

According to him, the Pan-Orthodox Council is essential to the unity of the Orthodox Church and all the churches should take part in it.

"The reason is convened by the Holy and Great Council is the unity of the Orthodox Church. And every church should keep this unity and witness to this unity of Orthodoxy over other churches, in front of other Christian denominations and the modern world. It is a duty that we must fulfill" - Archimandrite said.

"He was preparing for so many years, so many decades, many people have invested labor in its preparation, which I think everyone - Russians, Greeks, and Bulgarians - all Orthodox together have to fight and put no second place, our" I ", our" ego "and our demands, and, above all, to behave as one family, and more correctly - as one body, as one church", - father Ignatios Sotiriadis said.

According to him, there are always different opinions, but on the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit Day (19 June, when the planned official opening of the Pan-Orthodox cathedral, a joint worship service and lunch - Ed.), All need to be together.

"We call to be united on the Day of the Holy Trinity", - he said.

Asked whether it is possible to find a solution to disputes, Archimandrite said, "Sure As in a family, there are different points of view, but everyone goes to small concessions, and all problems are solved How many lives, so there is a possibility to solve the problem..."

Commenting on the statement of the Patriarchate of Antioch, that solutions should be found, in particular by Qatar's church affiliation, Archimandrite said he agrees, but it must make concessions - and the church in Jerusalem and Antioch.

"Now there is a war, and we must be united, they are right, but at the moment there must be first of all one event - the All-Orthodox Cathedral." We can not say: "I have a problem with one metropolia, I have a problem with the parish, I have the problem with the bishop. "Of course, there were, there are and will be problems, but we need to understand what is basic." Let's sit down and discuss. "There is a scale of problems, and I think that with prayer we have to solve all these problems. from the people, from the believers with prayer, to solve their problems.If we can not solve them, what with azhet society if we do not find solutions, it will be a scandal to the community This will mean that we do wrong? "-. Archimandrite said.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Religion, Christianity