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The EP calls for ban on campaign activities of foreign policy in the EU

German MEPs approved the action of the Netherlands authorities, the ban campaign rallies Turkish politicians in Rotterdam, and called for a complete ban on election activities of foreign policy in the EU.

Deputy head of the European Parliament, member of the German Free Democratic Party (FDP), Alexander Lambsdorff (Alexander Graf Lambsdorff) called for a complete ban on the campaign of Turkish ministers in the European Union. "The EU must develop a common line, in accordance with which the Turkish minister will not be allowed to hold pre-election speech in the EU", - the politician said on Monday, March 13, in an interview with Die Welt newspaper.

Alexander Lambsdorff spoke with approval of the Dutch decision over the weekend to prevent rallies two Turkish ministers in the country. "The Dutch have demonstrated a need to act, and the German government is walking around the bush" - complained the deputy head of the European Parliament, adding that Ankara is trying to push European countries to each other.

MEP from the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU), part of the faction of the European People's Party, Elmar Brok (Elmar Brok) also considers it necessary to impose a ban on campaign rallies of all foreign politicians. "Erdogan is afraid of defeat in a referendum on changes to the constitution he is looking for confrontation with Europe, to make the vote a referendum on the issue in the Turkish honor we have to thwart his plans..", - Said Brock, told Die Welt newspaper.

Turkish politicians expelled from the Netherlands

Last weekend, the authorities of the Netherlands denied entry into the country, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu, intends to make a speech at the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam. Aircraft of the Turkish Minister was not allowed to land in the Netherlands. From the country was also expelled Minister for Family and Social Policy Fatma Betul Saillant Turkey Kaya - Local authorities announced its "undesirable foreign
citizen. "

Actions of the Netherlands caused strong dissatisfaction with Ankara. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called niderlanskie authorities "Nazis", said that the Netherlands act "like a banana republic", and invited international organizations to impose sanctions against the government in The Hague. Cavusoglu, as in France, the Netherlands called "the capital of fascism."

A source: DW

Author: Marina Baranovska

Tags: The European Parliament, Politics, EU, Europe, Netherlands, Turkey

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