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More than 100 thousand tourists rested in Cyprus in February

More than 100 thousand tourists rested in Cyprus in February

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The number of tourists who visited Cyprus in February 2018 year, was 101 481, which is 23,4% more than a year earlier. Such data are provided by CyStat Statistical Service of Cyprus. In general, this is the highest February figure for the entire history of this statistics.

The tourist flow for January-February reached 177 348 people, which is 22,5% more than in the same period of 2017 year, and this is also a record for these months value.

The Cyprus Tourism Organization in its commentary emphasizes that all the months since March of the year 2017 have been a record number of tourists. In total, from March 2017 to 2018, 3 648 tourist visited the country.

In particular, the number of tourists from the UK - the main Cypriot market - increased in February by 29,5%, and from Greece - by 11,3%. Two important areas for Cyprus - Israeli and German - registered growth at the level of 63,8% and 86,7%, respectively. On the other hand, the second largest market - Russian - shrank by 17,0%.

The UK accounts for 35,1% of Cyprus tourism, for Greece - 11,9%, for Russia - almost the same, 11,8%, and for Israel - 9,0%. It is noted that 62,2% of guests visited Cyprus for recreation, 20,1% - to visit friends and relatives, and 17,2% came with business purposes. Men among tourists were 48,3%, women, respectively, 51,7%. The vast majority of those who visit Cyprus, from 20 to 44 years.

In a separate report, CyStat notes that 2018 94 residents left Xinxx in February for 418 in February, 1,7% more than last year. At 6,3% the number of trips to Russia increased, to 30,8% - to Germany. In Greek and British directions, there was a decline in 2,6% and 15,2%, respectively.

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