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In Germany, there kibervoyska

In the German Bonn, where the main headquarters of the Bundeswehr, was a presentation kibervoysk - military units to protect against attacks on the Internet and other computer networks, the event was visited by German Defense Minister Ursula von der Lyayen.

The German Defense Ministry said that the creation of kibervoysk become "another milestone on the way to ensure that the Bundeswehr in the future innovatively meet modern threats of cyber and information space," writes Deutsche Welle.

The publication notes that the main priority is kiberarmii military defense, however, they should be able to strike back.

It is noted that the Bundeswehr remains one of the key targets for foreign intelligence and civilian hackers. In the first nine weeks of the year 2017 Bundeswehr networks were attacked over 280 thousand. Times.

By the year 2021 personnel command kibervoysk Germany, it is expected to total 13,5 thousand. Soldiers and 1,5 thousand. Civil. Now in its composition only 260 information technology specialists.

The concept of finding new staff for kiberarmii Germany said that the Bundeswehr is ready for "unconventional methods": kibersoldatam resolve not live in army barracks, not to get up in 06.00, and have a free schedule and work from home if desired. Another trade-off that are ready to go to the leadership of the German army - is to allow the receiving officer ranks, even those who dropped out.

In addition, it is assumed that at the University of the Bundeswehr in Munich will 11 professorships, all are in some way connected with the defense of cyberspace.

Meanwhile, as the newspaper notes, the reigning German labor market competition for programmers may hinder the implementation of the objectives of the Bundeswehr. Best of the best hire large social networks, search engines and IT-corporations, as well as companies that focus on cybersecurity.

How to calculate the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, in Germany, the starting salary of a good specialist salary waiting to 120 thousand. Per year, whereas in the Bundeswehr as received except that an officer with the rank of general.

It clarifies that the smallest unit in kibervoyskah is what is responsible for the attack, not defense - there will be only 60 soldiers. In this attack, as we are assured in Germany, it will be considered only as a last resort, it would follow other measures, including diplomatic nature, such as the expulsion of the ambassador.

30 March announced the creation of the Bundeswehr kibervoysk.

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