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In Germany, think about the withdrawal of government funding is extremely right-wing parties

German authorities are considering the option of depriving the German parties adhering to a radical right-wing, the financial revenues from the state, said on Monday the agency The Associated Press quoted Justice Minister Heiko Maas.

According to the minister, "the money from the tax revenues towards the National Democratic Party of Germany, is a direct public investment in the radical right propaganda."

At the same time, Maas noted that the German authorities "must examine very carefully the possibility of" associated with the abolition of state funding of such parties. He allowed the possibility that such measures can be taken before the Maas will leave his post in September this year in connection with the new elections to the Bundestag.

AP recalls that before the Federal Constitutional Court did not prohibit the activities of the National Democratic Party, considering it too low.

However, in March the initiative to deprive the party was announced in the Bundestag, who hold extreme right-wing views, access to government funding.

A source: INTERFAX

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